Friday, July 10, 2015

4th of July Photo-Shoot Fun!

4th of July Photo-Shoot Fun!

Finally! The pictures are here from our splendid Independence Day inspired photo shoot! 

My co-model is the lovely Desarae and her brother was our fabulous photographer.


Isn't she completely beautiful? Of course she is! Wuvs' you *blows kisses* ;)

Apparently we saw something extremely shocking or swoon-worthy; not exactly sure which...

Getting our movie star model on. ;)

In case you haven't already noticed, it's very muchly windy! :0

Our adorable hats *happy squeal* Aren't they just darling? Of course they are.

One of my favorite pictures. <3

 Comparison picture: Desarae is rocking her Marilyn Monroe look!

 It looks all warm and sunny doesn't it, yep ahuh, that's what you think! See the wee little rain droplets? It was freezing. But we are still alive and it was totally worth it so...

I can't decide which I like we're just gonna post'em all. 

Look at Desarae's's practically glowing!!


If you ever wanted to know what I'd look like with short curly hair, well here you have it:

----And for funnzies----

Hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed posting them (and looking at them for the 20,000th time)!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen