Friday, May 13, 2016

Deadly Dishes

Deadly Dishes
I've decided to stop doing dishes, for good. No more. Zip. Done.
Want to know why? 
Last time I did dishes I almost died! I kid thee not.
So, there I was in the kitchen, at night, washing a sink full of dishes. The bowls that we have in our sinks to catch water (as our sinks are stopped up at the moment) were full, so I stopped and proceeded to carry them outside to dump. As I neared the door I happened to look down and see something round in the crook of the door.
I stared at it a moment before it dawned on me that it was a snake. A second look told me it was a rattle snake!
I calmly set the bowel of water down and hollered for somebody to bring a shovel or something to kill it with. It was quickly dispatched.
Both of our cats were just outside the back door, so I assume they had played with it and made it crawl through the tiny hole at the bottom of our door.
It was a very close call, but I'm still here and I'm very thankful!
Since then, I've carefully checked my barn boots every morning for intruders and scoped out the perimeter before I take a step outside in the dark. 
And the part about never doing dishes again, that was a lie. Don't we all wish we could just stop doing dishes! Oh well, life carries on...
What about you? Have you ever had a near death experience? 
Love and Rich Blessings - 
~ Aspen 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016



I've missed this blog world! How are all my dear little Rebels doing? Splendidly well, me hopes. :)
Oh my, my, my! Where do I even begin? 

Since I've been away, another of my siblings has been married, several dear friends have been married, lots of company and the general business that always seems to ensue in spring time. The more recent happenings are as follows...

This mama has had a terrible case of spring fever, the symptoms include pining for small, fluffy, furry or feathery babies of all species. Longingly looking at every baby animal picture that one can get their hands on, avoiding the chick bins at TSC like the plague, and heart pangs. This is serious business folks. The only known cure is to rapidly add a new baby critter to one's menagerie, before one spirals into insanity. Mustn't have that, can we? Nope. 

After a quick look online this Momma got her some Button Quail hatching eggs to set alongside the turkey, guinea and duck eggs that were already residing in her incubator. Wouldn't want them to be lonely, no sir! ;)

14 days later...


A few will be put in the bottom of my Parrotlet/Parakeet cage to keep the discarded seeds under control, and the rest will probably be a little colony that reside in my room. In a month or so the females will start laying little olive green eggs that can be eaten, hatched, or sold online for others to hatch. I'd like to experiment and try building a tiny little quail hutch for the little boogies and see how that works.

Right now however, they are actively running around their brooder and causing all sorts of mayhem, like keeping muwah up all night whistling...but it's worth it.

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful, hardworking and beautiful mothers out there! 

My favorite little goat, Cassia became a mother on Mother's Day. 
Mom, Carolina and I got home from church about 12:40 PM, I ran in and changed into my barn clothes and flitted outside to check on everyone. I went to check on the goats that are neighbors with the peafowl. I couldn't see Cassia when I first walked up, but then I saw her laying down with two kids still in their sacks out behind her. She hadn't even started licking them off yet. I quickly went in and started pulling the sacks off their nose/faces so they could breath than came in and grabbed a towel to help dry them off. When I got back, Cassia was busily licking them off. In a minute or two the little black one started trying to stand up.
After a quick inspection we found the big tan kid was a buck, and the little black kid a doeling.

After seeing them nurse and getting around a bit, we brought her some hay and leaves to munch on, then let her be for awhile.
When I came back out, both babies were dried off and already gaining lots of energy.
That evening we moved them to a safer pen with a top, just in case the visiting coyote and his pack of buddies that frequent the area decided to come up for a visit.
This morning both the kids and mom seem to be doing great.

We named the tan buck, Octavious because, this:

I love those movies and the quote; "It's Octavious, Mary!", was the first thing that popped into my head after they were born, so it seemed fitting at the time! haha

Unfortunately I probably won't be keeping this pretty boy, even thought I dreadfully want to; due to the fact I have his father, grandmother and unless I get some does from a different line for him, he must goes in a few months.

The black doeling is named Cosette. 

After her name sake, Cosette from Les Miserables, she is tiny, petite but very feisty. It seemed the fitting name. Also, Reyna dear's goat, Eponine, might have had something to do with it.
We will be adding her to the herd most likely, unless she develops a personality like her grandmother, Nan, than she might not stay.

However, right now both kids are doing great and so is this first time mom. It's been years since I've had goatlings, so I'm enjoying myself muchly! 
If you ever need to know where I am; well I'm probably in the goat pen snuggling a goatling...

The last few months have come with their share of trials and losses. The darned coyote that I mentioned above, took Charlie, my beloved gander several weeks ago. Gonna miss his terribly! He was my buddy boy, but I reckon God needed him more than I did. Love ya Charlie boy! <3

Over the past few months, we also lost two of my beloved Muscovy drakes and one of our Parakeets.

But, on a happier note--all the new little babies that keep appearing are making up for the aching heart I did have several months ago.

In my absence, I managed to finish the first draft of one of my books of over 50,000 words! 
WooHoo for me...also coffee, coffee helped. Thanks to all the dear, dear friends who helped and encouraged me through that rough journey! Editing, here we come!
Currently however, I'm taking a bit of a break from actually writing anymore on the draft, and am instead trying to brush up on my historical knowledge of that era (when the Magna Charter was signed), and all the people who played important roles in bringing about the freedoms we have today. 
So, now to y' dearly devoted readers! Tell me what has been occupying your time? What projects and adventures have you been having?
Do tell in the comments below!
Love and Rich Blessings - 
~ Aspen