Friday, January 31, 2014

February Challenge

February Challenge

I'm jumping on the new-fangled bandwagon that some of my fellow bloggers are participating in. 

The challenge? To post every single day in February.  

Think I can do it? Yeah, me neither! But I shall try my best. Here is a list of inspirations for blog posts. I will pick a few of these to do (you may help me if you wish, if there is a certain topic you would like me to blog on, just holler) and then continue with my normal whats-happening-on-the-funny-farm posts.

Um..I just realized it is February 1st. I'm going to bed!!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

Handle With Care - LIVE ANIMALS

Handle With Care - LIVE ANIMALS

Our local post office called me while I was headed back to the house from doing the morning chores. They told me that our mail lady had a box that said it had Live Animals in it...WHAT?? Momma and I were stumped, neither one of us had ordered a critter that we could recollect. However, upon questioning Stockton, we had forgotten he'd ordered 1,000 Meal Worms off Amazon with his "Mouse Money". He is the Official Mouse Exterminator, and keeps an ever growing chart of the mice he's caught on the refrigerator door. He gets paid $.50 cents a mouse, or something like that and can either spend the money in cash, or he can use it as internet money. 
On this particular morning, I was all in a huff to get some hatching eggs sent to a lady in VA, so between that and the other morning chores, we were all rushing around like crazy people. But, I'm proud to say I got my packaged shipped off and we safely got the Mealies back home. Are you ready to meet them? 

The sender packaged the worms in a cloth bag, that was stuffed with newspaper. As soon as he opened the box you could hear all sorts of worm noises coming from the bag..and no I'm not sure what noises worms make...but they were making some! 

Upon opening the bag we discovered that the Mealies were crawling all over the place.

Prior to opening the package, we set up their container with brown rice flour, oats, and an apple (that's how they get their water, from the moisture of fruits and vegetables). 

Rusty, who was inside at the time (actually, he always seems to be inside...) took great interest in all the rattling of sacks and especially the apple in the Mealies container. ; )

Look at all the Mealies..

They were pretty cold this morning, as the air was chilly, but quickly warmed up being in the same room as the fire. 

They are as happy as a larks..except please don't tell them that they might became lizard food in the near future! 

I have kept a secret from you, my dear readers. While we're on the subject of worms, I think I should mention that I've had a ever-growing colony of Meal Worms in my closet for the better part of 6 months now. Yes, I admit it. Now you know one of my darkest secret.

Blessings - 

The Worm Hoarder

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So Many Posts! So Little Time!

So Many Posts! So Little Time!

In order to keep you updated with my day to day life, I would have to do (easily) 10+ posts a day. I kid you not. So many funny and interesting things happen on the ranch each day. However, in order to blog about my life, I have to have a life. Sometimes at the end of the day I am too exhausted and sleepy to even think straight, much less write a descriptive blog post. 

However, I do want to share a slice of my life with you and keep you up to date with all the happenings here on the ranch, so I have created a Facebook page. I can easily take pictures with my phone and post them directly to my page on Facebook. It's quick, simple and easy. And, since it's so handy-dandy to use, a lot of the pictures and such I will be posting wouldn't normally get shared with you here on the blog, as I always have so many ideas for post and some just don't make the cut. So, you will get an even closer look into the daily musings that happen here on the farm. And the best part is it doesn't take but a couple minutes to post, so I can keep you updated with my day-to-day life with just a couple clicks! Exciting, yes? Of course yes!!

So with out further ado my Facebook page:

I hope you'll stop by and say hi!

I'm still learning the ropes of the whole thingy-ma-jig, so it may take me awhile to figure out how to work things properly, but bare with me.

I'm also working on a 'website blog' a.k.a -  a blog more for me to post what hatching eggs and birds I have for sale currently, helpful hints on raising feathered dinosaurs, etc. I'm going to still keep this blog running, but reserve it more for the funny happenings on the ranch, yummy recipes, and such. 

It's been a busy several months, and the months ahead and going to be even crazier, so hop on for the ride!

Just a word of appreciation to all my dedicated readers. Thank Y'all SO much for all your sweet comments and emails, I just love them. It bewildering for me to think that people from all over the world (the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Czech Republic, to name a few) take interest in the goings-on of a country 'gal who lives out in the boonies. It's mean mindbogglingly to say the least! So, I just want to thank each and everyone of you for your overwhelming support, it means so much to me. 

As long as I have readers who are interested in my scribblings, I will continue to scribble. 

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


Wild Hog Report

Wild Hog Report

Yesterday, we'd forgotten to get the mail, so Carolina and I ran (OK, we drove) to the mailbox.
On the way down there we passed this dirt "pond", except there wasn't any water, just mud. Can you guess what was wallowing around in the mud? Yep, about 20 juvenile wild hogs.

It took us a minute to realize what on earth they were! Just between you and me, I thought they were a bunch of really big rabbits tromping around in the mud at first...

They saw us drive by and took off at a run, then hid behind a tree and looked very nonplused at us for awhile, then ran away into the brush.

Do you often see wild life when you take a drive?

P.S. Hogs, next time we meet, I will have a gun. xoxoxo

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

They Are Growing Up!

They Are Growing Up!

My Peababies are growing up so quickly! Why, it seems like just yesterday they were tiny peachicks, living inside the house, in a brooder, and taking rides with us to town (yes, I said rides to town, in my lap as a matter of fact..but more on that later). 

Tulsa and Prince were shipped to me from Oklahoma, as eggs.

They were the only peachicks to hatch.

I hadn't planned on keeping any peafowl, as I'd had bad experience raising them in the past.

But it seems I was meant to have Peafowl. I cannot imagine life on the ranch without them. They are stooges, and I have three of them. Who needs TV?

Tulsa was the first to hatch, she was all by herself and I had no other babies of any species to keep her company. 

We had to run some errands in town that afternoon and I just couldn't bare to think of my peababy being left at home alone.

So, she came along for the ride.

Tulsa: "Mommy, did I have to ride in a car seat??"

I don't know who enjoyed the outing more, me or her?

She spent the afternoon asleep on my lap, cuddled up in my shirt, or nestled under my chin. She would cry bloody murder if I stopped petting her for one second. Yes, she was spoiled from the moment of hatching.

When we arrived back home, Prince was riding on the automatic egg turners in the incubator.

Tulsa was so overjoyed to have another feathered creature to play with! Although, she still liked her "momma cuddles". ;)

Tulsa & Prince spent their "youth" in my lap, playing outside with a couple Call ducklings I had at the time, and getting spoiled. Hardly any of their time was actually spent in the brooder. They were usually always riding around on my shoulder and following me around the house like puppies.

Several weeks after Tulsa and Prince hatched, I received a call from a friend of mine who raised Peafowl, and he informed me that one of his peahens had hatched out three peachicks, and said he had a lady coming to pick up two of them, but told me she didn't want all three, and did I want the third one. Being the squishy hearted teddybear that I am, I of course said yes.

A couple days later, I brought Tamina home to meet the gang.

They are the perfect trio of peababies anyone could ever ask for.

I've said this once, but it bares repeating.

I LOVE their cute "tiaras" that hover atop their head. It just makes my heart melt. 

I think it's just the cutest thing, like, ever. Really, I do.

Not to mention the rest of them is pretty cute too.

Is it just me, or is Prince posing for me? I think he knows he is beautiful.

I just adore Tulsa's orange and green feathers on her head. You should see how her feathers just light on fire when the sun shines on them,

Here recently it has come to my attention that my peababies are growing up. Pretty soon they will be going off to college, getting married, and starting families of their own! *sniffle*

Until that time, I'm going to enjoy my three stooges.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm Covered In Hares!!!

I'm Covered In Hares!!!

After a long day of work, you want to come in and relax, yes? Of course yes!

Well *cough* try relaxing when you have three hares lounging on you, licking your face, scratching through your I mean hair, and sleeping on your shoulder, oh and smacking in your face. ; )

Relaxing (if you can even call it that) with the bunbuns.

The bunbuns didn't much appreciate us and the flashing camera in their face. Nope. Not one bit.

But they started to forgive us once we dug out the treats.

Just in case you ever wanted to know what a zombie-Dutchess-eating-greens looks like.....

I'm not even going to think about how many leaves of Arugula Dutchess ate.  

But I do know I got a lot of pictures like this...

Dutchess: "Hey! Bring that back!! I wasn't done yet!!"

You can be cute. But you will never be bunny-munching-veggies cute. 

We are teaching the bunnies a new trick! It's called "begging". They are excelling at it.

OK, just one more munchy picture...I promise!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Ducks Are Taking Over!

The ducks have taken over the new pen, that was supposed to be for the Sussex. They have dubbed it "The Nest". I bet you can guess what they're doing in there! 

~ Aspen

Pretty Peafowl Please???

Pretty Peafowl Please???

Tulsa: "Mommy, it's friderated out here! Can I come inside and sleep with you??"

Tulsa: "Mommy, I know you have a big goose down comforter in your bedwoom...!"

Me: "I am acquiesce to accept your request." 

Tulsa: "...........?????????????????


Me: "Means, no."

Tulsa: "Are you sure you won't let me come inside with you, so I can curl on by the fire, and sleep under the geese with you?"

Me: "Sorry baby, no can do."
Tulsa: "Drats."

Do your animals beg to come inside and sleep under the geese with you??

Blessings - 

~ Aspen