Thursday, April 30, 2015

Working The Lavender Fields

Working The Lavender Fields

Last week, a friend from church asked if we would come help him plant 1700 lavender plants in a couple of his fields. We agreed.

A few days later we found ourselves on our hands and knees planting juvenile lavender plants in the earth. We planted 1200 the first day, and went back the next day and planted the last 500. shall I put this? I'm not partial to seeing lavender..of any kind..for at least a few weeks. ;) But, as far as jobs go, planting lavender beats a lot of other jobs I can think of, and I got a farmer's tan out of the deal as an added bonus, so hey?!

We'd take turns driving their small tractor back and forth to retrieve a trailer full of new plants from the house. I'm beginning to think a miniature tractor would be a welcome addition to our various farm appliances, yes? Of course yes!

We were also given five lavender plants, which we hope to establish in the backyard by the rose-beds. Perhaps this summer we will be able to harvest our own lavender for medicinal use (and others uses). 

The next day we all felt like singing the chorus to this song:

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We're Expecting!!

We're Expecting!!
Yes! We are indeed! We're expecting!! Surprised?? Of course you're surprised!!

And no, it's not me who's expecting. Golly, what a bunch of crazy followers I have! I promise I did not run off with Prince Charming and get married during my absence. Pinkie swear. ;)

 BUT, we are expecting babies..calves to be least Bessie and Belle are!!

The proud mother-to-be's ~

They are due in November, around Thanksgiving. 

Borormir is the proud father:

He is a Simmental,a breed originated in Switzerland; known for their bulky (massively) stout bodies, which makes them an excellent choice for meat, but they are also great milk producers, and along with their docile, calm, and sweet nature, they make an all-round great cow. SO, I'm praying quite ardently for two heifer calves, that I can train up to be my future milkers.

What 'bout you? Are you expecting any babies in the near future?

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

Friday, April 3, 2015

An Array of Spring Pictures

An Array of Spring Pictures

The first of March it looked like this:

Six inches of snow on the ground and winter weather.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and you have gorgeous 70F degree weather.

Perfect lounge-in-the-yard-soaking-up-sun-whilst-sipping-herbal-kombucha weather.

The puddy dogs also enjoy soaking up the my lap. Because apparently the grass isn't comfy enough to lay on. :/

Daisy Mae

Izzie darling laying her eggs in comfort and style.

(Yes. She is spoiled)


The bees are exited, too!

I'm sorry. I can't help but image a tiny little faerie riding on this bee...I think I may have to do a photo-shop edit! ;)

More flowers!


Gypsy darling <3

Rusty sniffing for mice...

Fresh eggs!!! The girls have been blessing us with an abundance of fresh eggs (aprox. a dozen a day to be exact..).

See the two speckled turkey eggs?

Izzie looking fabulous, as always.

Izzie's shadow shall we say..chubby? Izzie you need to lay off those birdie snacks!

Bird house decor

Yes, I take up close and personal pictures of trees and their lovely bark.

Daisy <3

Did something taste bad Daisy, girl?

The fruit trees are putting out blossoms.

An angry Rusty. : 0

Boromir the bull.

Dinky girl.

Hello Barley..yes..your adorable to..please remove your wet nose from the camera lens.....

The wheat is growing back after the cold winter weather vanished.

Weeds. Weeds are back. I didn't miss them, nor the flies. No sir!

The cows have been enjoying some green treats, thanks to the warm weather.

Me..obsessed with cows and their adorable noses and tongues..guilty I'm afraid. ;)

Rusty in GREEN GRASS!!! Wow...grass..remind me what is grass again?

Just take it in and savor Ahh

Cute purple weed flowers..which, technically all flowers could be considered weeds I guess, but whatever.

My shadow. It never leaves me alone, it follows me everywhere! Such a stalker, I mean honestly!

Some new bred cows we bought.

I've been bribing them with weeds. They are finally starting to warm up to me.

Just a couple days after we bought them, one of them calved!

Just look at the cuteness! <3

I may or may not have milk cow syndrome. Just look at her huge bag of milk!! Wowzers. However, I don't think she'd take too kindly of me attempting to milk her.

I've been telling her how adorable her little calf is, and how everyone will want to snuggle and kiss it.

Momma cows says, "You touch my baby. You die."

*sigh* I'll just admire from a distance then. :/

I hope you enjoyed this collection of spring pictures from around the ranch.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen