Friday, May 13, 2016

Deadly Dishes

Deadly Dishes
I've decided to stop doing dishes, for good. No more. Zip. Done.
Want to know why? 
Last time I did dishes I almost died! I kid thee not.
So, there I was in the kitchen, at night, washing a sink full of dishes. The bowls that we have in our sinks to catch water (as our sinks are stopped up at the moment) were full, so I stopped and proceeded to carry them outside to dump. As I neared the door I happened to look down and see something round in the crook of the door.
I stared at it a moment before it dawned on me that it was a snake. A second look told me it was a rattle snake!
I calmly set the bowel of water down and hollered for somebody to bring a shovel or something to kill it with. It was quickly dispatched.
Both of our cats were just outside the back door, so I assume they had played with it and made it crawl through the tiny hole at the bottom of our door.
It was a very close call, but I'm still here and I'm very thankful!
Since then, I've carefully checked my barn boots every morning for intruders and scoped out the perimeter before I take a step outside in the dark. 
And the part about never doing dishes again, that was a lie. Don't we all wish we could just stop doing dishes! Oh well, life carries on...
What about you? Have you ever had a near death experience? 
Love and Rich Blessings - 
~ Aspen 

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