Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

 Turkey: "Watcha got cookin'?"

Turkey: "I've just got one thing to say:"

EAT MORE BEEF!!!!!!!!!

Me: "Now turkey, why don't you tell us a thanksgiving joke?"

Turkey: "What do you call a stuffed animal?"

Me: "I have no idea."

Turkey: "You after thanksgiving. Hehehehe!"

Me: "TURKEY! That wasn't very nice!"

Turkey: "It's true."

"OK, let's try again..and try to be nice."

"What are the feathers on turkey's wings called?"

Me: "No clue."

Turkey: "Turkey feathers, stupid."

Me: "Now let me ask you one.... Why do turkeys always go, "gobble, gobble?"

Turkey: "Because we can."

Me: "Because they never learned table manners."

Turkey: "Now you be nice! I know where you live..."

Me: "And I am the one that feeds you every morning..."

Turkey: "Can I please take this off now? It's itching!"
Me: "No! Your being interviewed, and look really cute! Now leave it on."

Turkey: "I bootiful!!"

Me: "Turkey! Stop taking selfies with the camera!"

"You make turkey sad..."

"Turkey gonna cry..." 

Me: "I didn't mean to make you you want a treat??"

Turkey: "Treat? Did you say treat?!!"

Me: "Yes, I did! Now cheer up!"

"I better now. Fork over!"

Me: "Turkey, do you have any parting words?"

Turkey: "I adoorable. Just you remember that."

Me: Okk..goodbye everyone and Happy Thanksgiving from me and Turkey!!"

~ BlOoPeRs ~

Me: "Turkey, what are you doing?"

Turkey: "I'm hiding."

Me: "Hiding from what?"

Turkey: "Hunters. Now shush, I'm invisible!" 

Blizzard: "What is it?"

Belle: "I don't know...but it's sure ugly!"

Turkey: "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!"


*I give you leave to crack up at this wonderful picture of me..when I saw it, I laughed until my stomach hurt*

Turkey was very well behaved...until we came inside. As soon as I put him on the floor, he pooped.

After the photo-shoot I had to scrub the rug.

"Remember, I too bootiful to eat!!"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Love and Rich Blessings -

~ Aspen


  1. Oh my goodness this made me laugh! And I have to say that the gray turkeys really are pretty, even though I'm not especially fond of the birds to begin with. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had a *little* too much fun with it. *ahem*.

      Blessings -

      ~ Aspen