Wednesday, November 12, 2014



You know that feeling when you have your plans all arranged for what you're going to do, and then those plans get blown into the wind? Yeah, me too!
 But sometimes that's ok.

It's true in this instance...

Last night I was back in my room with liltle sis', listening to music, fixing to take up where I left off in my writing, which was strewn all over my bed; when Laredo walks in, and soon after, Stockton trots in after him. He expressed an interested to listen to some music from an old computer game (Knights & Merchants, for those of you who would like to know). So I promptly searched YouTube, and found it. He (Laredo) took a seat at my computer chair and proceeded to immerse himself in the sweet melodies of the music, while Carolina and I started dancing around the room like a bunch of wild banshees!
Who could blame us? I mean seriously, we'd been cooped up in the house all day (due to the extreme cold temperatures), and desperately needed a way to turn loose of some excess energy. Dancing to music seemed like the best option to do just that. So we did..for like an hour and a half. 
Carolina would take the slow steady beat, and stomp around the room, while I would take the swifter, lighter beat of the music, and stomp the beat out on the floor. Keep in mind, before all this happened, we were both freezing cold back there, with a heater going, and 10 layers of clothing. About 15 minutes into our stomp dancing, we shed our socks, coats, and turned off the heater..and started sweating. Yes, and it's frigid temperatures outside, and we're inside sweating...
After we finished, I was exhausted! What a (odd) workout!! 

So, if you are ever feeling the need to get some exercise, just turn on some of your favorite music and turn loose!

Even though I got zero accomplished (except pumping up my heart-beat), it was worth it! It was one of those moments where it just felt good to be alive, with family, having lots of pure fun! I think that is something we've lost now-a-days. The act of having simply, wholesome fun. 
So, stop reading this post and go have some fun with your family and make some good memories!

 Blessings - 

~ Stomp Dancer

P.S. I'm currently laying in bed, piled with covers, with sore legs and feet, thanks to the squats and stomp dancing I did. Oh well.

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