Thursday, March 26, 2015

2014 In Pictures #2

2014 In Pictures #2

Garden harvest...can't wait for this year's garden to start producing!

Sunrise and horses

 This post wouldn't be complete without mentioning my dear little sister who is my constant source of entertainment and laughter! Without her life would be very dull indeed!  Love you sissy! <3

 Sista experimenting with crazy hairdos.

 The milk cows and their calves.

 Camera hogs


 Barley, my darling boy! I would let him inside and make him a house pet if I didn't think Mom would turn me out of the house...

 The five hooligans

 One of my favorite memories was last summer when my grandmother and I were coming back from her house and the cows met us at the gate. Barley obviously didn't recognize us or the strange vehicle, because he bellowed (which he'd never done before) and tried to butt the car. Silly boy! <3

 Little Bit, my darling colt (even tho technically he is about five years old) who is the only surviving baby of my first horse, Cocoa. And yes...I'm attempting to train him, he can be a stinker sometimes, but is such a sweetie pie.

 The rose bushes in full leaf. 

 My sweet gaggle of geese. I miss them, but know they went to a good home.

 We welcome two new additions to our horse herd last fall. Brego & Dodge-

 Butternut and Little Bit doing what they do best..beg for attention whilst sticking their nostrils in the camera lens

 Little Bit and his adorable little ears. <3

 <3 Gypsy <3

 I started writing several books last year. They are still a work in progress, but hopefully sometime this year I will be able to publish some of them (OK, probably more like one...).

 Bessie free ranging in the horse pasture behind the house.

 While visiting my sister, Atlanta, in Tennessee, we were able to attend a WWII reenactment. It was fabulous and lots of fun. We dressed up for the occasion and got all dolled up. 


 <3 Love Birds <3

 A rattlesnake broke into our rabbit hutch and killed our last two rabbits, Alan and Dutchess. R.I.P sweet boys. Miss you!

"OUCH! Charlie! You bit me!" 

 Your welcome for making you want a Parrotlet. 


R.I.P Lil' Don - you were a sweetie. <3

 Hen snuggles


 Out in the cow pasture -

 "That is MY bread! Beak off!"

 Lorna, Pixie, and Virgina wanting hands out.

Good times with friends!

 Butterfly, even the simplest and tiny of God's creatures are gorgeous and wonderfully made!


 R.I.P. Radar, it was a joy having you around for the little while we had you. <3

 I have totally mastered the art of frying pan weaponry! I'm going to start teaching classes soon!

 Window sill decoration. They are the all new rage!

 Food. Food is important...especially cream cheese swirl brownies.

 "Hi folks!"

 Izzie in her teenage-hood -

 Toads. Toads are happening.

 Hey look! It's us!

 Lots of fresh milk thanks to Bessie and Belle! <3

My new found love. Yes it's an axe. Because I love this little thing so much, I'm going to eventually upgrade to twin double-headed axes. Don't make me angry...

 No explanation needed...


 New Years party with friends!

 Crazy? Us? Nah! ....maybe just a little..


 My classy niece! She's rockin' the shades!

 Nathan Bedford Forest's childhood home, and consequently the location of my sister's wedding. 
Oh and did I mention we're related to the above? Yep. Be jealous.

 Two years ago, it was lightly showering in this small pasture and several dozen crazy peoples danced barefooted in the rain, when they finished the once lush green covered pasture had become a mud patch, and their dresses were six inches deep in mud..they looked positively medieval!

Nashville TN

 Tea on a cloudy day = perfection.

Yes, this lovely place brings back lots of good memories! It was good to visit it again! If my wedding comes out half as good as Atlanta's did, I'll count it as a huge success! 

 It's crazy to think that back in the day, people from the war between the states era would have stood on the same porch and walked through the same house that we did. Your welcome for giving you chill bumps. I've got them too!

 Atlanta and Marian! Two of my favorite peoples in one picture!

 Back to the WWII reenactment in TN...

Guys, a little fashion tip from yours truly; if you will cease and desist from wearing ugly ole' jeans, a baggy t-shirt, and a cap; and instead attire yourself in a WWII military uniform, I guarantee you will get lots of attention from the ladies, not to mention you'll look 200% better. 

Girls, I'm not gonna lie, seeing guys walk around town in WWII was great! I think everyone should start wearing them!

I want one! Like for reals, am I the only one who thinks we should forget taking your girls to movies for a date and instead get an old timey motorcycle and a side car...oh yeah!

 Wow...are we already to the end of this (long) post? Time to go!

 Bye y'all! Come again soon!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen 

P.S. Ladies, I give you permission to be completely and utterly jealous. Yep I most certainly did. *flashes a contented grin*

2014 you were a good one! Here's to a fabulous 2015!


  1. Little Bit is so pretty! Let me guess, Brego is the bay?

    Yep, definitely agree with the windowsill decorations, I do believe that ours somehow learned from yours.

    Tea is perfection on any type of day!

    Ok, now I really want indoor animals!

    1. Chloe - Yep. Brego is the bay. I suppose you can guess who he was named after? ;)
      Haha! Agreed!
      Yes, indoor animals are great, life would be quite dull without them!

      Blessings -

      ~ Aspen