Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Prodigal Ducks

The Prodigal Ducks

We recently bought some cows who are all very close to expecting a calf. One of them calved several days after we brought them home. That same afternoon, a lone coyote wandered up to the barnyard, no doubt he'd smelt the afterbirth and came up in search of a meal. We ran him off, but he was back again the very next afternoon. We got a shot off at him, but missed.

Yesterday afternoon I headed out to do the evening chores, I fed everyone and started back to the house when I noticed four of my ducks, Inky and his three girls, were missing. I said a silent prayer, hoping nothing had happened to them. I didn't panic, they were probably playing in the laundry water or rummaging through the garden....right...right?! 
I panicked and ran around frantically searching for the lost ducks, but with no luck. I couldn't find hide nor hair of them. I assumed the lurking coyote came back with some buddies and had them for dinner. I was furious mad, and set out in search of a pile of feathers, blood, anything that would alert me to their demise. Off I went with Rusty and my AR in tow, in search of a trail or trace of them, secretly hoping to meet up with this ranging coyote band and knock a few of the villains off. But I found nothing.
 I headed back to the house in ill humor, told Rusty he was fired as guard dog, and vowed to avenge my sweet ducks who became dinner for predators.
Early this morning, before the crazy busy-ness of the day set in, I was peacefully writing letters in my room, when I heard loud quacking out my window. I sped (and by sped, I literally mean raced 100 mph) outside, what a sight greeted me in the backyard! Apparently, Inky and his girls had a party in the backyard last night. Poop and eggs littered the ground. Inky and two of his girls were waddling around the yard, wondering why on earth Momma had left them outside last night with all the howling coyotes around. I mean honestly, did she want us to become coyote food or something??? The other girl was musing around the front of the duck house, having just plopped an egg down in the duck yard. I herded Inky and his girls back to their yard and secured the fence, so (hopefully) they would be contained for good for this time. I sighed a big sigh of relief and with a thankful heart washed three precious duck eggs, that I thought I'd seen the last off.

Thanks for keeping them safe, God, and for returning them to me. <3

God answers prayers y'all, even the little ones!
Blessings - 

~ Aspen - being thankful.

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