Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2014 In Pictures

2014 In Pictures

: Recap of 2014 in pictures :

This little stinker is my niece, Marian, your welcome for melting your heart! <3

Time to eat the measuring tape!

Beautiful Tennessee

A dear friend in TN that I've known since we were this big *makes tiny hand motions*.

Charlie and Emmie being adorable as always. ;)

The horses taking cover under the carport from rainy weather.

Turkeys!! I can't believe they used to be this tiny! Although, I'm rather glad they still don't try and climb in my lap. Somehow a 50+ lb turkey sitting in your lap isn't near as adorable as it used to be...

Easter chicks and Meaties we raised for the freezer last year.

The Black Aussies

Garden treats for the birds.

My darlings; Belle, Barley, Bessie, and Blizzard.

Our attempt at growing corn. Unfortunately, the cows broke into the corn patch and trampled most of it, and we ended up feeding them the rest of the stalks. I hope they enjoyed them..we put a lot of work them!

Morning Glories

I hatched and sold lots of chicks, ducks, and guineas last year. These are three little Bantam Splash Cochin boys. They were so cute and fluffy I hated to sell them, but they went to a good home with lots of lady friends.

Oh I'm having fuzzy duckling withdrawals!

Baby Muscovies that one of my girls hatched out.

Coconut (little sis's dog) had four adorable puppies. Unfortunately, we weren't able to keep any of them..and our hearts are still broken. </3

Baby Horny Toad

Little Red Hen

"Give me treats, human!"

The startings of our aqua-ponics system.


My baby girl, Gypsy, hitching a ride with me down to the mailbox.

A wet cow nose. <3

Mr. Toad who lived in a log in the front yard last year.

I parted with my Sussex flock last year. I was sorry to see them go, but I think it was for the best. I decided to focus more on chickens for eggs, and less for looks.

Chillin' in the field watching Dad plow. Good times.

Virginia, one of our gorgeous mares.

Special thanks to some good friends who came over on a hot Sunday afternoon and helped us butcher and put up the Meaties!

Precious, the first peachick I hatched from my peafowl.

Some of our Guineas roosting at the barn. Thanks to the predators, our guinea flock number is down to 0. I gave away our last two guineas, because our predators as so bad and they weren't happy being penned up.

One of the guinea nests last year. I think she was sitting on like..74 eggs or something like that. Yeah...just be glad we don't have that many children at one time....

The first tiny Goji berries!

Belle lost her calf last fall, so no babies for us this year. I still love you tho! Maybe next year.

I also gave away all my geese. Due to the predators, I decided it would be better for their health to live elsewhere. They now live with a sweet lady in Missouri.

Little Red Hen thinks she should be a house chicken.


Emmie wants to go live with Bilbo.

Call ducklings

Buff Orpington duck juveniles.

The corn patch

Morning glories and mint

To Be Continued:

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. I don't think I've ever told you this before, but I love all of your cow names! They're so perfect! Oh, and expect a call from me later today with some BIG news. If all goes as planned today I'll have a surprise for you. :) I might call on my mom's phone since it has unlimited minutes, though, so you won't recognize the number.

  2. Oh my gosh, this post is full of amazing pictures! The landscape around your Texas home is gorgeous. Are your parrots quaker parrots? They're so cute!

  3. Reyna - Aww thanks! All our past and present milk cows always have 'B' names. In the past we've had Beast, Bossy, Beauty, etc.

    Kira - Yes, I'm still taken back myself of the rugged beauty of our ranch. It's truly a blessing to be able to live here. No, they are Parrotlets. In a nutshell - miniature parrots. :)

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen