Wednesday, May 6, 2015

There's A Snake In My Boot

There's A Snake In My Boot!

I had just woken up, brushed my tooths, pulled back my wild mane of frizzies, and clambered into my barn clothes. I trudged through the house half asleep, heading to the back door where my boots are kept. I pulled one on and reached down to grab the other boot when I saw a huge snake coiled up 3.573" away from me with it's head reared up. Your not gonna believe this, but I screamed like a girl.
Yes, I know. Your shocked.

 I pride myself on being tougher than most girls, but when it comes to snakes, I scream every time, it doesn't matter how big or small they are. Heck, they can even be the size of a worm and I'll scream and go into hysterics. But the main point is here, I. Hate. Snakes. With a passion! 

So there I am, screaming by the back door with a snake. If me and Jessica (from The Man From Snowy River) had been in a screaming contest, I would have won. My ears are still ringing. 
I don't know who was more or the snake!
I quickly ran out of the room, and into the kitchen, lugging my one boot along with me. I nearly ran into Carolina, who had jumped out of bed when she'd heard my frantic screams. When Mom got on the scene she asked what the matter was, between my frightened squeaks and spasms, I was able to mutter "Sssnake!!"
After some inspection on Mom's part (I wasn't going near that thing!), she was able to determine it was not a rattle snake like I thought it was, but rather a large bull snake that was probably looking for mice. I still say he tried to bite me..causing me to almost die from fright! If it were left up to me, I'd kill ever snake I clapped my eyes on...but alas, we have several snake lovers in the family and that is not possible. 

I'm just going to be honest and come right out and admit it right here and now...every morning since my 'venture, I inspect my boots and turn them upside down...just in case.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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  1. I do not blame you one bit! I detest any snake! This is coming from a black belt and martial art instructor. My students put a fake snake in the school one time and I flipped out.