Monday, August 10, 2015

Do You Believe In Magic?

Do You Believe In Magic?

I do. 

And I'm not talking about the 'bibbity bobbity boo" magic; rather the extraordinary day-to-day magic that takes place daily, yet is hardly noticed. I talk of the tender music that flows and drums from the slender stems of the grasslands, of the silent hum of the trees as they sway back and forth to the music of the wind that howls and bemoans it's voice in the great sky. And of the sky itself, who reigns over the earth with its cloudless blue depths that dive into the interspersed star clusters that pour into the boundless black recesses of the forever night sky that towers over the azure blue sphere that melts into the great vaults of heaven itself.
Of the soft feeling of awareness that comes to your hand when someone touches it with their own, the small magnitude of the millions upon millions of crystals that make up the dirt and sand of the earth. The earthy, fresh scent of rain that  pours from the seemingly downy clouds that are forever suspended in the air, or the calm feeling and voice that your soul finds when it comes in contact with nature. How can you not look at these things and call them magic, worked by our beloved Creator-for He created them so we could enjoy them. He obviously finds immense pleasure within it, otherwise I doubt he would have created it. 
It breaks my heart daily to see people continually stuck in the negative aspects of life that blacken their vision, clouding their minds and thoughts until all they can see is their own troubles, sin stained pasts and how 'unlucky' they've been.  Oh! But what a beautiful future they have ahead of them! Everyone has their own past mistakes and regrets, I know I have aplenty. But don't dwell on them! Look to the ever brilliant future that burns bright on the horizon, shedding new hope, freedom, dreams and most of all God's love that reigns and covers us all-if we allow Him to. Stop slapping away His hand of help and refuge. He wants nothing more than for you to be reborn into His kingdom through His Son's blood that was freely shed on your behalf;-so that you can fully appreciate and accept the treasure trove of blessings He's been reserving for you. So put a smile on that gorgeous face of yours and praise our mighty Father, for He is indeed entitled to our wholehearted praise and admiration. He is the one who created and sustains these potently beautiful creations (and us) that are yet simple and unique for His glory. For His artistic taste in all of his creation can be so majestic and full of beauty that it can at times seem like magic, but what your truly witnessing is His holiness fueled into this earth that we live in to give us a tiny scosh of a glimpse of His true beauty and nature that we barely sample upon the earth, but will be able to revel in when we reach His holy city.
And Amen.

Do you believe in magic?

 Tell me some of your favorite beauties in nature that you love to admire!

Love and Rich Blessings - 

~ Aspen 

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