Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lend a Helping Hand

Lend a Helping Hand

The West Ladies, consisting of Vicki West and her three daughters, Jasmine, Cecilia, and Hannah, have been living off the land in a self-sustaining, homesteading lifestyle for over 20 years. Because of their agrarian lifestyle, they have been blessed with the opportunity to share this knowledge of simple living through their website ( and the Homestead Blessings DVD series, helping countless friends, family, and complete strangers learn the forgotten skills of the American homesteader.  They have also blessed many with their music, by performing and composing songs, bringing a smile to faces, and reminders of thankfulness for the simple wonders of life. 

Now they could use our help.

Due to unavoidable and unfortunate events, the West Ladies had to move from the farmhouse and land that they leased, cultivated, established, and loved for over 14 years. They were provided temporary shelter in the form of a travel trailer, but they will need to vacate it by October of this year!

They had hoped that income from their small home business and DVDs would come in, and make it possible for them to have their own home, and piece of Tennessee land, continuing the art of homesteading.  However, that was not the case, and they now need to raise the funds to purchase land and build a new home.

With much labor already donated by their local community, the goal is to raise $50,000 for building materials for a small cabin, and a piece of land that they can call their own.  Please help the West Ladies meet this goal!  Thank you for giving from your heart!

To read more about The West Ladies' recent adventures, and need to build a home, visit here:

Go to this webpage for more information on how to donate.

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Love and Rich Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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