Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass Patch

I've already shown you how to grow trays of wheatgrass but now I'm here to show you another easy way to go nutrious grass for your animals!

. . .
Would you like to provide fresh, green, foliage to your critters on a regular basis? Follow this easy step by step guide to do just that!


Step 1. Hoe up the area you plan to grow your grass in.

Step 2. Measure your wheat seed according to the size of your growing area. I used about a gallon of wheat seed for my plot.

Step 3. Spread your seeds out as evenly as possible.

Step 4. Mix the soil up so the seeds get buried underneath a layer of dirt. It's fine if there are still some seeds on top.


I usually watered mine in the early morning and late evening, so twice a day. 

In a week's time you should have a lovely green patch of wheatgrass!

It's time to let your critters in to enjoy the bounty of fresh grass.

Not all of my wheatgrass bed was that thick, some of the seeds fell to the way-side.

Once I opened it up for business the birds destroyed/trampled and otherwise demolished the grass in .586348 seconds.

I used one of my (many) small chicken runs to plant my grass in. It was full of hay, droppings and all that lovely stuff and needed to be tilled up anyway, so this provided me with a way to clean up my run and use the compost and natural fertilizer that was already there to nourish my new seedlings..AND as an added bonus the birds got to enjoy some fresh grass that will then go to provide us with fresh, delicious eggs! It's a win/win situation folks!

So what are you waiting for? Get out that hoe and get to diggin'! 

Have you ever grown beds of wheatgrass for your animals? How did it go? Leave a comment and let me know!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. You know what else wheatgrass is very good for? Poison oak/ivy, and really any other type of swelling. When my brother had poison oak last time, we put a poultice of wheatgrass on and in that area the swelling was completely gone. We haven't been able to find anything else that works so well, and he and I get poison oak really bad.

  2. Reyna - What a helpful home remedie! I will have to store that away for the future!