Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Flock of Aussies

New Flock of Aussies

Some friends of ours are moving out of state and needed to rehome their flock of Black Australorps. We brought home 17 of them.

Meet the Aussies: 

6 roosters, and 11 hens make up our new flock of chooks.

Four of the roosters will be joining the Meaties in the freezer. The other two boys will be staying with the ladies. 

Why must food always be so friendly? This boy followed me around the entire pen the whole time I was taking pictures.  

Fluffy-rear-end.....your welcome! ;)

Eating some morning glory sprouts, that I picked for them.

There's Mr. Friendly Food again...

The pullets are still several months away from laying, but I'm already looking forward to the lovely brown eggs they will provide for us.

They came from a free ranging enviroment, so once they get settled in I will start letting them roam the ranch.

For the first few days they spent the day in the compost pen with the Meaties, but I soon learned that the two parties involved were not getting along in the slightest. The Meaties were completely terrified of the black chickens and for a good reason. The Aussies would chase them around and around their pen, eventfully making them stay in the corner of the pen, scared to come out. It was so sad! Every time I came outside to check on them, all of the Meaties would run as fast as they could towards me and would desperately try to break out of their pen to get to me.

The solution? Move the Aussies to a new pen.

 They are now situated in a large run area next to the duck yard. Now all I need is a coop for them. *ahem* Volunteers are always welcome.

 Don't everybody raise their hands at once now!!

Size comparison: Meaties vs. Aussies

I think I would be a little scared of a giant Aussie as well...just sayin'!  

From what I've seen, these birds are superb foragers and will be great for pest control. The only down side is the roosters are a little thin from all that running around so I'll have to fatten them up a wee bit. ;)

This big guy wanted to say "Howdy" to all y'all.

They were used to eating just scratch and all the bugs and grass they could find. So I'm getting them used to my wet mash that I feed to my birds. They are taking to it quite well.

The only down side to this breed, since they are solid black, is they are very sensitive to the heat. Lots and lots of shade is a must for these birds. Even with lots of shade and cool water they still pant like crazy on hot afternoons. 

This fella is one of the cockerels that I'll be keeping. Any name suggestions? I'm thinking of something along the lines of Big Jake or some such thing.

Well, there you have it! You have been introduced to my Aussies. Aren't they just gorgeous? Of course they are! How could you think otherwise? Humph.

Have you ever raised Black Aussies? How did you like them and what was your experience with them? Do tell!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. I wanted Australorps. I was going to special order Australorps from Murray McMurray's. And you got seventeen of them for free.... the world is not fair. But they are beautiful biddies! ;)

    1. Ajax - No, they weren't free. ;) We paid more than we wanted to for them but yeah there are 17 of them. Thank you!

      Blessings -

      ~ Aspen