Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm The Momma Bird!!

I'm The Momma Bird!!

Meet Cressy:

One hot, windy afternoon, Stockton found this little baby Oriole in a patch of weeds. She must have fallen out of her nest sometime that day. He brought her inside and started hand feeding her. Well, being the soft hearted teddy-bear that I am, I quickly fell in love with her and have now claimed her as mine. That means no-touchy! She is a Momma's baby! 

I'm feeding her a wet mixture of: mulberries, blueberries, raspberries, chia seeds, cooked quinoa, a millet/flax seed blend, and on occasion some bugs. She also gets an couple eye droppers full of water every day. She seems to be thriving and keeping some weight on, so hopefully we're doing something right!

She resides in a bird cage with several roosts and a nest. She doesn't really use the nest, unless I put her in it, but she mainly likes to roost and do acrobatics in her cage. She looks like a money climbing around in there! Every time I walk in the room she starts screaming really load, with her mouth wide open. Interpretation: "FEED ME NOWWWW!! I HUNRY! I STARVING!! FOOD!!!"

So besides all the other daily chores, I get to feed a screaming (literally) baby every five minutes.

*getting a taste of motherhood...*

Any tips you can give me on raising baby birds? Have you ever been a momma bird?

Blessings - 

~ Momma Bird


  1. I was a momma hen once. Found a baby chick in a barrel nest that was hung on the wall. I guess momma thought the chicks had all hatched and jumped out. Well this one little one hatched after the others left. I could hear it peeping and when I looked over the edge, well..... I MUST have been mommy since that was surely who it was calling.. It followed me everywhere !!!! course, baby chicks have to be ALOT easier to take care of. Good luck with your new peeper !!!

  2. Hi Aspen! I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Go to my blog to find out more details.

    ~Angelina Zoe