Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Bribe

A Bribe

Little Red Hen: "Oh! Goody goody goody!! For me??!!"

Me: "Sorry girl, but I don't think you'll want these!"

Little Red Hen: "Good grief woman!! What am I supposed to do with a basketful of babies?...I'm mad!"

My dear readers, I am going to offer you a bribe. YES! A bribe! Tons of adorable fluffiness, for your silence on the matter of my blogging absence! Deal? DEAL!

I love Chocolate Pied Guinea Keets...with mustaches!!

My sweet Serama girl...name suggestions?

The Three Amigos (and I do mean amigos! ;)

The Quakers

Tiny Call ducklings

Your welcome for flooding your computer screen with cuteness! ;) I'm telling you, I am an enabler!

Holly the Holstein duck..and YeS I totally named her that!

I mean good grief, even her "paddles" are mottled!

Yep, even her bill.

Meanwhile during the photo-shoot, Little Red Hen was doing this:

I promise we're getting to the end of pictures...just bare with me.


Last, but certainly NOT last, is Precious the Peachick (a.k.a The Peababy). Post on her soon!

Thanks for accepting my bribe. I appreciate it.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. So sad that 8 hours is too long to drive for guinea keets. I will content myself with your pictures, :-)

    I will accept the bribe! They are absolutely adorable!