Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Murderous Rattlesnake

Murderous Rattlesnake

 Last Sunday I got up and headed outside to do chores. I had about an hour to do about 2 hours worth of work, not to mention get dressed for church. Oh, and did I mention that that night I hadn't gotten much sleep (a.k.a  any)? Yes well, this was the case I'm afraid, dear readers. 

So, yours truly clogged outside half dressed, hair uncombed, flippy shoes on (man do I hate them things..why on earth do I wear them anyway??), and half asleep. After letting the chickens in the compost pen out, I headed over to let out the peafowl and call ducks. Well bless me if I didn't see a big 'ole rattler laying right smack in front of the peafowl pen. I turned heels and fled back inside to inform Dad of the situation, we promptly loaded the shot gun that resides in my room (beware folks...don't mess with this girl ;), and Dad rushed outside, gun in hand. Several seconds later .485845 to be exact, I heard a huge "BANG"...I thought to myself "He gone!" I came out just as Dad was throwing the snake out into the pasture, but he didn't throw it too incredibly far away, and yes, I admit I nearly have a heart attack every time I walk past the darn thing..."OMGoodness!! SNAKE!!!...oh it's already dead, silly girl, you've only walked past it fifty times today and jumped out of your skin ever. single. time. Yes, I'm afraid I'm completely terrified of snakes. They give me the heeby-geebies!

Well, with exactly 4 minutes to spare before we headed for church, with the guys hollering at me to hurry it up, I barely had time to throw some decent cloths on and grab my bag..oh and come to think of it that morning was my first time to teach Sunday school to the kindergarteners, and yes...I hadn't even brushed my hair that morning..what a wonderful first impression I made on them. Oh well.

After church, some friends came home with us and spent the rest of the day (I had a blast guys! Thanks for coming!!). I busily cleaned house, washed dishes, did laundry, and went about watering and such. Well I went to turn on the garden water and peeped in to check on the bunnies (Dutchess and Alan) to find them both dead in their hutch. I was stunned for a moment..I thought maybe they were sleeping, but another look confirmed that they were gone. Thinking back to that morning with the snake incident, I realize that the snake must have killed the rabbits during the night and then crawled through the fence and to the other side, where the peafowl pen is. That little sucker! 

R.I.P Alan and Dutchess, you were such sweet boys! Momma misses your sweet little faces begging for treats every time I walk past your pen. 
Now it's empty. :(

Have I ever mentioned that I despise, hate, and otherwise abhor snakes? Yes? OK, then, I'm just confirming those thoughts to make sure we understand each other. Now, one more time to make sure you get the picture....I HATE SNAKES !

Blessings - 

~ Anti-Snake-Charmer

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