Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY: Decorative Shabby Chic Picture Frame

DIY: Decorative Shabby Chic Picture Frame

Looking for a simple DIY craft that adds a super cute rustic feel to any room? Look no further! This easy-peasy shabby chic picture frame is just the thing for you!

First, start out by finding yourself a wooden picture frame. Paint it your favorite color (mine happens to be turquoise), after it drys, run some sand paper over it to give it a worn/shabby chic look. That's if for the frame, unless you want to add some other decorations to it, like I did.

I decided to give it a little further embellishment by adding an "A" using pieces of painted toilet paper rolls, and then gluing them together. Then I simply hot glued it to the wall, in the center of where the frame would be.

I had a couple of leftover pieces of toilet paper rolls, so I shaped them into hearts and glued them to my frame.

Remember, my toilet paper roll decorations? I made several flowers and added those to the corners of the frame.

There you have it! A simple DIY project that anybody can do! 

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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