Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Laptop & Pumpkin Ribbon Bread

New Laptop & Pumpkin Ribbon Bread

I hope this post finds you well and completely over your sugar rush, from eating so much Christmas candy. *ahem* Nothing of which I'd know anything about....*coughs*

Can you believe Christmas was here and gone!! Crazy! Guess what I got for Christmas? *drum roll please.....* A Laptop!!!  v v v v v v

This is my first post using my new gadget..I'm having a blast learning how to operate this new contraption.

Now, on to the deliciously scrumptious pumpkin bread!

Now, be honest. Do you or do you not want a warm piece of Pumpkin Bread? Any person in their right mind would say YES! And since all the readers that read my blog are in their right mind, here is the recipe:

Now, if you didn't have pumpkin puree on hand like some people *no names will be mentioned* you can bake a few Sweet Meat Squashes and squash (pun intended) them up to use for the puree.

All Squashed Up ;)

All my dry ingredients whisked up.

The wet ingredients.

The Cream Cheese filling.

Wet and dry ingredients mixed together.

Floured loaf pans ready and awaiting further orders.

Now, for the "ribbon" part of this bread, lay half of your batter into the pan, then put a layer of the cream cheese filling, and then put another layer of the batter atop.

Voila...ready for the oven!

Fresh loaf right out of the oven! Yum the house sure smells good! Let's dig in, shall we? Of course we shall! What kind of question is that?!

If your mouth isn't watering have serious issues and I would suggest seeing a physician. 

Now, for those of us that didn't have to make any unexpected trip to the Physician's...let's eat!

How was your Christmas? 
Blessings - 
~ Aspen

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