Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall Leaves, Grass Nests, and 'Lil Pinkies

 Fall Leaves, Grass Nests, and 'Lil Pinkies

Fall is now but just a memory, after the cold, winter snap we several weeks ago, all the leaves have blown off the trees and now lay brown and dried on the ground.

Fall is no more. But we can still look back at the good times we had, enjoying the leaves changing colors, the cooler days, and crisp mornings. Yes, fall is a wonderful season!

These pictures are long overdue, as is this post, I apologize my dear readers, I blush to think of how many weeks I let slip by since my last blog post. Forgive me? Good.

Now lets talk about rabbit nests for a minute, shall we .

Before the snow and ice came we still had some tough green grass growing along the sides of the raised beds in the garden. I couldn't persuade the geese to eat up all that tough grass, so I offered some to the bunbuns, and was surprised to find that they loved it! Not only did they enjoy eating it, but they liked to nest in it as well! It was a win/win!

Alora was quite pleased with her nesting skills. 

Note: See that ear in the side of the picture? That's Alan. He thinks the camera should be pointing at him, not Alora.

Alora: "Mom!! Alan keeps trying to steal my cameo time in front of the camera! Make him go away!"

The bunnies love all the fallen leaves. They make tasty snacks.

Alan: " Momme! I hungry! I starving! I need carrots!...this INSTANT!!"

Alan: "You lisning mom? Hellooooo in there!"

Alan: "Oh, I see carrots! 10 of them!!"

Me: "Alan! Stop those are my fingers!"

Alan: "Fine. If you won't give me carrots, I'll just eat my cage."

Alan: "But don't expect to be allowed in my presence, ever again!"

Alan has left the facility.....

Dutchess (or perhaps I should say Dutch Boy...*ahem*...) always manages to look very guilty when eating "her" food.

Alora exited her nest just to come see if I had any goodies for her. And I have been forgiven by Alan, for the time being, for not having any carrots on hand. In the future he expects me to serve him carrots on a silver platter.

Are you wondering what "lil pinkies are? Let me enlighten you...

WARNING: Do not proceed if you are scared of have been warned.

Tiny, little, itty bitty, tinsy winsy...a.k.a = small baby mice in a nest I found on the side of a trailer we were in the process of covering up in preparation of the cold weather that was headed our way.

Aren't they cute! Of course they are, shriveled pink skin and all!

I love baby critters...just not baby reptiles (excluding baby horny toads of course, who are just plum adorable!).

We've had another cold wintery weather storm blow in today...all the animals are hunkered down in their winter bunkers, waiting for warmer weather. Meanwhile in the house, all us humans are huddling next to the fires and drinking gallons of hot tea. I kid you not.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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  1. Fun post and so glad to find your blog! :-) I liked all the animal pics.. fun! And, even though I don't particularly care for mice in particular (lol), those were rather cute pics. ;-) hehe!

    Thanks for sharing!!! =D