Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prince Charming

Prince Charming

Prince had a recent adventure that I'm not sure you've heard about...yet. I'm afraid to say he didn't rescue a damsel in distress or anything of that sort, instead he got stuck up in a tree. Yes, yes, I're shocked. How did this tragedy occur you ask? Well, he escaped his pen and flew to a big tree limb that hung over the carport. I didn't know he had escaped until I heard frantic screaming coming from that direction, and noticed his two peahens running up and down their pen calling to him. I had no clue how to get him down. He was calling like crazy to his two girls below, but seemed too scared to move from his high perch. I enlisted Dad's help, and with a little assistance from a very long pvc pipe rod we were able push him a little and he took off flying like a bird..okay I guess he is a bird, but you know what I mean. He flew around the house, circled back around and glided over the goose yard, the geese were super excited and were all honking and screaming at him...probably encouraging him to fly farther off. The goof balls! Next he shot over the duck yard and had all the ducks in a tizzy, then he flew back into the horse pasture behind the poultry building and landed in a mesquite tree. While all this was happening we were running around like crazy people trying to catch up with him. When we saw he'd landed we jumped over the fence leading out to the pasture and saw his brightly colored feathers in-amongst a bunch of mesquites. He looked like he had no idea what just happened to him. I was able to sneak up from behind and scoop him up in a non-too-gentle embrace. Then we escorted his highness back to his ladies, who were ever so excited to see him. I locked them up a tad bit early so we could figure out how to fix the top of their pen.

Here is the master escape artist himself.

 He was breathing very heavily after his exertions, as were we, after chasing him all over the place.

His ladies were all too eager to hear about his escape.

 Fixing the top. We had to remove the tarp along with all the bungees that held it on. Then we laid a big hog panel across the top and secured it on, then put put the tarp over it and secured it. No More escapes...we hope.

Prince gave my finger a fine gash during the trip from the pasture to the pen. Are you starting to notice a pattern here? I sure am. Every time I post about Prince, I get hurt. What's with that?

How has your week been? No injuries I hope!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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