Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Put Your Big Girl Boots On and Deal With It!

Put Your Big Girl Boots On and Deal With It!

Or in this case, your big brother's boots. ;) Am I the only girl out there that likes to wear my older brother's boots? Good. I knew I wasn't the only one!! 

When I do the evening chores out at the barn all the cows are waiting on me, 'cause they know they're fixing to get fed.

Blizzard and Barley (the two milk calves..and don't ask me which one is which, because I don't know...) get separated from their mommas for the night so I can be sure to have some milk in the morning.

Rusty accompanies me for the evening chores. He gets jealous because all the cows get all the attention, and not him. 

Yep I'll admit it, our milk cows have to be one of my favorite animals on the farm. Because here's the thing, who can't love a big 'ole soft-eyed cow, with beautiful eye-lashes, with a temperament to match? Not to mention the fact that she gives you a creamy gallon of fresh milk every morning.

Oh, did I forget to mention that they think they're dogs? They have an annoying habit of...


Further more, did you know cows are camera hogs? 

'Tis true, and Bessie is the worst. She just hasn't figured out that the camera isn't food yet. Poor girl, perhaps someday she'll learn the truth, that and the fact that she isn't a dog, and does NOT need to come inside for snacks. 

Someday..but not today.

Blessing - 

~ Aspen


  1. Haha! I'd love to wear my brother's boots, only they're so big, my feet kinda swim around in them. lol! So, I tend to stick with my own.
    You're cows are hilarious! Ours is really sweet, but she kinda likes to get done quickly and then be done and not see you anymore... hah! Yup. Real sociable. I ought to name her Bilbo... lol! Or Bilbolina, or something like that. =P

  2. Their boots are pretty big on me, too. But for some reason it's just more fun tromping around the barn in 'giant's' boots. Do y'all have a Jersey? Heehee, I'll have to keep that name in mind for a future milk cow! LOL

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen