Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY: Toilet Paper *Decorations*

DIY: Toilet Paper Decorations

Yes, I admit it. I've become quite obsessed with making toilet paper roll decorations. In fact, if you were to walk in my room you would find them hot glued all over my walls. I hoard toilet paper, paper towel rolls and anything else of that nature. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to throw away anything that might be re-purposed or recycled. 
Whilst browsing on Pinterest one day I came across these and just had to try making some for myself, and as you can see, it's kind of gotten out of hand! But, whatever; I know you are intrigued and would like to fill your room up to the brim with these cute decories!! (Yes, I totally just came up with that word!)

You will need:
  • toilet paper roll(s)
  • scissors
  • glue (you can use Elmer's glue or hotglue, your choice)
How to make them is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll try my best to describe the " how-to's " to ya.
 Step one, press your rolls until they are somewhat flat, next cut them them into the size/width you want. I found one toilet paper roll will make about 6 evenly sized pieces. So cut accordingly, you don't want off-shaped pieces if you can help it.

Now, all your pieces are cut out, decide how you want to arrange them. Once you decided what decorative arrangement to make, get two pieces, put glue on ones' tip and place them together, if you're using Elmer's glue like I was, you'll have to hold them together for a minute until they stick. Continue gluing until your finished. Voila! How simply is that?

 I started with pretty simple designs, but soon got overly creative with them.

Before I found this lovely basket to hold all my crafty supplies, I had toilet paper "petals" all over my room, glue everywhere, paint on the floor, string on the get the picture, this craft basket helps keep all my things in one spot. I suggest having something similar, even if you're just using it for toilet paper (hoarding) purposes. ;)

There has been several times where I had this great idea for a tp (<toilet paper) design, started making it, then half way through I decided to change it again! This is one of those creations..that now resides on my door.

You can get even more fancy with these, if you like and attach trinkets such as these:

I picked these up at a garage sale for just a few dollars. 

Lots of other ideas on how to decorate these are floating around in my head, so get creative! I'm sure you'll find some darling ways to decorate and make these!

 If you make some toilet paper decorations of your own, please share! I'd love to see them!!

Get creative ^*peeps^*!!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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