Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pinspiration For My Future Dwelling Place

Pinspiration For My Future Dwelling Place

If you've been following me on Pinterest then you've probably been seeing a-lot of things like this:

and this:

and that:

and some of these:

and perhaps a couple of those:

For the longest time I never really though I had a "style", and if I did it certainly wasn't anything worth blogging about. I've always been the more outdoorsy person and even on occasion, a tom-boy. From a young age I was much more interested in getting covered in dirt and playing with my brothers, than I was getting "dressed pretty" by my big 'sis (just ask her....).

It's been a gradual thing, but over the recent years I've been thinking more and more on my future life and home...and I'm pleased to say I have a "theme" in mind for my future habitation! Would you care to take a look? . . .

Now, keep in mind as you look through these pictures that I am not your normal girl...lets continue with the house tour, shall we? Of course we shall!

I've  a l w a y s  admired the dwelling places of J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbit's houses.

~ Hobbit Holes ~

They have such an earthy, rustic, primitive feel to them. Just up my alley!

I've always loved nature, and what better way to be connected with it than to be living in this kind of enviroment? 

This type of house is very appealing to me, and has many benefits.

It fits with the type of lifestyle I want perfectly.  


I love the idea of walking through your door and there being a place to hang up your coat, hat, and slip off your dirty footwear. 

I'm liking this style here, but without the purple paint of course.


Adore this hallway, plain and simply!


Very simply and primitive, nothing too fancy.

I've always wanted a chandelier, and how can you beat one made out of mason jars?! 

As you've seen, I like wood...just a scosh. 

 I would love to have a setup like this in my house/yard:

Living room:

  A stove is a must, along with lots of comfy chairs that are convenient to curl up in with a good book while sitting by the warm hearth.


If you ask me, the kitchen (at least from a women's point of view because she has to be in it 24/7, and a man's point of view because that's where all the food is made) is the most important room in the entire house.

I would be spending a lot of time in it and therefore I want it to be an enjoyable and place to be.

Love, Love, LOVE the idea of hanging your kitchen things up and off your counter/cabinet space.

A bar with stools is just lovely. Lots of counter space to work is a must. 

I've decided I want to fill my cabinets with adorable mugs like these:

...and silver dishes. No plastic for this girl! Everything will be metal, glass, or wood.

A pantry would be splendid and extremely useful for storing canned goods, herbs/spices, bulk flours/grains/, etc/

Tons of cabinets and shelves:

A strong sturdy table is a must.

A decent sized wood cook stove:

 And there you have it, a small tour of the ideas that are floating around in my mind (and my Pinterest board(s) for my future Hobbit Hole!

If you would like to see more Pinspirational ideas, visit My Hobbit Hole board, my Crafty board, and lastly my Middle Earthy room board. Happy pinning!

What kind of lodging do you have in mind for yourself? I'd love to hear! 

 Blessings - 

~ Aspen



  1. I'm not the only anti-plastic girl out there?! I'm so glad to hear! Yes, metal, wood, and glass are the only things for me. I'm seeing we have very similar tastes when it comes to home styles. ;)

  2. Nope! I abhor plastic anything! I quite agree dearest!

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

  3. What a neat rustic sense of style, I love it!! the pins are absolutely gorgeous and yes very inspirational. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a lovely day.