Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good Times - The Tales of A Girl Playacting Momma

Good Times - The Tales of A Girl Playacting Momma

There was a time, not so very long ago that a girl was left in charge of the household while her mother went on an extended trip. This girl awoke every morning (just about) 6:00 a.m. and started her morning routine of fixing the men of the house breakfast, and a sack lunch to take to work. After this tiresome ordeal was accomplished, she waved them on their way, and continued with the rest of the morning's (exciting) activities. She would mosey outside and let out all the feathered creatures on the farm, pet the tail-wagging farmdog, check water, and then come back inside to grab a bit of breakfast because driving her brother's bad-out, black, muddy, awesome pickup down to fetch the mail. Afterwards (if the menfolk remembered to separate the calves the night before...), she would milk one of her beloved cows, Belle. By that time it was usually about 10:00 am, so she would spiff up the house, do laundry, and plan that evening's meal. Then if she had any free time left at t'all, you would generally find her lounging on her comfy bed, staring at her laptop, devouring a book (she has a deep appetite for good books!), or musing ideas around in her head for the book she is currently writing. After an hour or so her eyes would be tired from gazing at the computer-screen, her hands stiff and cramped from all her scribblings, her finger's stained with ink from her pen, her head swimming with the melodies of the rich-music she'd been listening to, she would wander into the other part of the house, and while washing dishes she would let her voice free, and she would bellow (yes bellow) out opera, or whatever tune was currently lodged in her head. 
This was how she spent most of her days. Oh, yes! We must'nt forget the puppies that were born the day before she was left in charge of the house! Yes, what a long night that was...four puppies born in the wee hours of the dark-morning. But I'll save those details for another post, dear readers.
Yes, the girl spent many a sleepless night, waking to check on the puppies, who at random times and on any given whim, would scream like banshees, thus waking the sleeping girl from her much needed sleep. She would blindly reach for the lamp by her bedside, and wearily pull herself up to see what the puppies' issue was this time. This routine usually happened about every 5 minutes, usually until the girl's alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., and she had to get up and fix lunches and wake sleepy men from their peaceful slumbers...... case you couldn't tell, the above^ narrative is about yours-truly. Mom, and the two littles (my word for my two young siblings), went to Tennessee for (just over) a week, to visit the darling niece and grandbaby, of my dearest sister. <3

So, even though the past week was tiresome and toilsome, I relished it (somewhat...)...depending on my mood. But every once in awhile a girl (especially this girl), needs some peace and quiet, something you don't get much off when living in a large household. ;) Don't get me wrong, having tons of siblings is amazing, but everybody needs a vacation.
I truly enjoyed playing mom, housekeeper, cook, laundry woman, midwife, milk maid, and alarm-clock..whilst mother was away. 

After a few days I got on a morning routine, and usually had from about 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. to indulge my whims and amuse myself. One day I practically did nothing but read a book (that I promptly finished that day), another day I locked myself in my room, blared out music, practiced my opera (good thing nobody was here....and luckily the windows didn't bust!!), and did what ever random thing popped into my head. One day, I headed down to the end of our road (several miles) to meet the FedX guy, to pick-up some packages. Along the way I think I counted more vehicles (mostly pickups...of course) on our road then I ever have. That, more than likely, being due to the fact that the day before we'd had an inch or so of rain, and all the ranchers were out checking their rain gauges...and possibly out mudding... ;) On that same morning, after I'd picked up my cargo, I bumped into a neighbor who lives about 10 miles down the road (yes, here in Texas we consider someone a close neighbor if they're several miles down the road..people who live next door to you aren't neighbors, they are stalkers...creeps me out just to think about it! where was I?...), we chatted about this and caught up with the goings on of the other.

Oh yes! I thoroughly enjoyed being here by my onesies! That and that fact that I got to spend some time with my dear brothers. We had several late-nights together where we'd stay up listening to music, watching movies, talking, or in some cases laughing our heads off over a noise that one of us made. I may, or may-not have laughed myself silly, and until my stomach hurt. And then afterwards we would put on a serious face and try and contain our laughter, but one look at the other one's face would send us into a fresh wave of hysterics. Good times.

Well the night is no longer young, in fact it's down right late, and way past my bedtime. 

Thank you dear brothers for the lovely memories we made together, and to Coconut's banshee-screaming babies who caused me to become a sleepless zombie due to my lack of sleep...something I'm still trying to catch up on.

Blessings - 

~ Mommy Playactor - OUT.


  1. Sounds like a week (or so) to be remembered!!!! So glad you had fun. How is Coconut doing and all her little brood? Puppies are so much fun!!!!! What breed are they? Looking forward to your post about them!!!

    1. Kacy, they are doing great. We lost the little runt though . I didn't realize until it was too late that the other pups were kicking it off the food. :(

      They are Shih-tzu x Yorkie.

      Blessings -

      ~ Aspen