Friday, February 6, 2015

DIY: Compost Bin

While planning for my spring garden, I found (much to my horror!) that I was without a compost bin!
Last year, we had a large fenced in area in which we dumped all our compost materials. Then we raised meat chickens in the compost pen, and they added to it and kept it turned, thus helping it compost faster. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, the soil in there is fantastic! In view of that fact, I'm growing corn in the lovely soil-rich compost pen this year, thus leaving me without a place to compost. So, I figured it was time to build a (new) compost bin. Here's how:

You will need:

  • 4 pallets minimum (the more the merrier!!)
  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • T-Posts and/or cinder blocks
Start off by placing your pallets around the appointed area, then one by one, wire them securely together. If after, you've wire them together and find they still need a wee bit of support, simply drive a T-post or two into the ground and wire the pallets to them, and/or add a couple cinder blocks to the inside of your pallet fence, to help brace them. 

Once you've done that, your finished. Time to load'er up with compost!

FYI: My pallets were very weather worn and warped, so forgive their atrocious appearance! Hopefully, you can find some free, new pallets to build yours with!

I am loving my new compost bin thus far. It's just the right size (for the amount of compost I have right now), but I can easily add on later if I need to. And, it's near to all my various garden projects, so it's easily accessible, which I like.

 I hope you enjoyed this simple, easy garden project!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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