Thursday, February 12, 2015

Springs' In The Air!

Springs' In The Air!

Is winter really almost over? My, my how time flies! But, I must confess, even I; the winter lovin' gal, is aching for a steady stream of warm days without the constant threat of yet another cold spell blowing in. My green thumb is itching to move my tender sproutlings from the greenhouse and transplant them into their respective beds. Yes sir, I'm ready to break out that caner and put away all the yummy (yet-to-be-produced) harvest. But alas, I must remind myself that winter is still lingering, and to be patient (<something I have trouble with...)...warm days will come soon enough..I hope! 

On the bright side of things, I can already taste spring in the air! Why, just the other day I was outside, doing whatever I do, and I heard a low hum of buzzing high above me. I thought perhaps it was a wild swarm of wandering bees, and quickly ran inside to fetch Mom. It was bees, but they were not wandering! They were our very own backyard bees that reside in a hive right outside the back fence. They were swarming around some fresh buds that one of our trees put out. I suppose, it was some of the first fresh flowers of the season! While listening to them buzz-hum above me, I was reminded of one (of the many) songs from a dearly beloved movie, "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers". You can watch/listen to it below:

Your welcome for getting it stuck in your head! ;)

And oh yes! I most certainly did start singing this song when the bees reminded me of it. 

Ahh! Spring! When will you be here? 

I suppose I will content myself with admiring my tiny sproutlings in the greenhouse, pouring over seed catalogs (that keep streaming in the mail..), and impatiently awaiting spring to arrive.

What, my dear readers, are you doing to endure the wee bit of winter we have left? Have you already begun to plan and order your seed inventory for the season? (Welcome to the bandwagon!! ;) Do tell!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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