Saturday, January 23, 2016

Raptor Chick

Raptor Chick

Several months ago a friend gave me a single, newly hatched Guinea keet from her flock. She told me he was the only one they had hatched out, but that they (her guineas) were running it to death and trampling it. She caught it and brought it to me. I carefully drove home with a tiny, shivering, very weak baby keet in my lap. When I arrived home I set up a brooder for Arnold, (fondly named by a friend) and tried to get him warmed up.

 He was so weak I thought I would have to dropper feed him, but as soon as I put some feed in his pen and used my finger to peck at it, making clucking noises, he rushed over and started gobbling it right down.

He's been doing great ever since! Except he is a lot bigger now.

I miss him being so small, but all baby things must grow, yes? Sadly, of course yes! 

Arnie still resides in my room, despite his monstrous size. He keeps me company...and awake at night. You see; he thinks he is a runner. A really good, athletic runner and his favorite times to run marathons in his pen, is about 2:00 in the morning. Oh yes, I drowsily wake up and applaud him for his exertions. Actually no; I wake up and screech at him to be quiet so Momma can get so sleep.
He keeps me entertained and on my toes. 

Did I mention he thinks he is a raptor???? Yes, well; it's true. Take heed all young parents, never, ever, ever allow your young toddling keets to watch Jurassic World at such a young age,


...this will happen! 

See, I told you. He thinks he is a little raptor chick from Jurassic World.

 I try and tell him otherwise but he just makes this face. I give up. *sigh*

Blessings - 

~ Raptor Momma



  1. Oh wow he IS A LITTLE RAPTOR CHICK. SO CUUUUUUTE. My sister raised normalish chickens just recently and they're so stinkin' cute when they're babies. But my sister also has preschoolers who want to hug said chickens to death. I think they've grown up rather traumatised. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Oh my! Howdy do Cait? Thanks for stopping by! I'm a big admirer of your blog...I kind of REALLY love it! Yes! Children and baby chicks are definitely a dangerous combination!
      Awh! Thank ye, Arnold the raptor says "Thank You!"

      Blessings -

      ~ Aspen