Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birdie Snacks

Birdie Snacks

When you've been lazy for several days and didn't gather eggs, what do you with all those eggs that are not fit for human consumption? Make an egg casserole for the birds, of course!

  •  Spray a pan with cooking oil
  • crack eggs into pan
  • bake at 350F until golden brown on top
  • cool and serve 
  • stand back, you might be trampled by feathered dinosaurs...

Another treat that the birds enjoy is fresh Arugula, straight from the garden.

The birds enjoying their afternoon snack.

What treats do your birds like?
Blessings - 
~ Aspen 


  1. "I don't like green food... Do they have any chips?"

    Looks quite delightful my dear! ;)