Thursday, September 12, 2013

Morning Mash

Morning Mash

Mom and I did an experiment. We wanted to see if we could make yogurt by pouring some milk into an empty jar that had a little bit of yogurt left in it. Usually, when you make yogurt you heat the milk up, let it cool, then pour it into containers and mix a tad of yogurt or starter into it, and let it sit overnight, and it makes yogurt.

Our experiment failed. It curdled up alright, but it didn't smell/taste like yogurt. We're not sure what we made.

But, I knew the birds would enjoy the milk products, regardless if they were yogurt-ish or not. ; )

You could make this using milk, yogurt, or with some odd concoction that you made on your counter.

Mix milk (yogurt, etc) with a cup or so of their laying rations, mix, and garnish with fresh mint.


Now, lets see how the birds like it...

Stand your ground!!

You go first..

What on earth ..

I'll stare it to death! 

 ~  ~

 The geese, ducks, and chickens were not shy!


Momma goose wants some of the vittles

The birdies threw mash all over my legs and feet..the Call ducks came to my assistance.



Daffy, give her your "puppy eyes" act.

Is there any more? ( Just look at those little "puppy" eyes!)

 Mommy, I just know there is more in there.

I'm coming up!

 When it was all gone and I was leaving, I looked back and saw all the ducks were waddling after me.

Come back, come back! Don't leave!

 I think the Morning Mash was quite a hit, what do you think? 

What did you give your birds for breakfast?

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Awww! That picture of Daffy looking straight up at you is so adorable!!!