Thursday, October 31, 2013

Milk Maids

Milk Maids

Carolina and I are the milk maids. Every morning (unless someone forgets to separate the calves off) we head out to milk Bell.

Bell has the routine down, usually she is already in the chute waiting for us. Carolina chains up her leg so she cannot kick the milk bucket over.

Sometimes it takes a minute or two for her to let the milk down, however this morning she let it all down as soon as we started.

I usually try and milk with both hands, but sometimes it's easier to milk with one hand (fine ok, maybe it's because my hands get cramped, and they need a break).

Rusty awaits patiently (or maybe not so patiently) for us to finish milking so he can get his daily squirt of warm milk.

 Open wide...nailed it!

Is there more?

After we've milked her out, we turn both the calves loose on her, and they finish up anything we left in her bag.
Rusty's highlight of the day is to "lead" the calves to momma cow. Just between us, I don't think they need any help finding momma cow. ; )

*insert lots of sucking, slobber, milk foam, and contented calf noises*

Meanwhile, as we were milking, all the horses were gathering at the fence, and as soon as we stepped through the gate they surrounded us and started escorting us safely back to the house. Okay, maybe the real reason is they know they'll get treats as soon as we get back to the house. (Note: see the 'lil basket Carolina is carrying? It's full of horsey treats, and Lorna knows it).

Camera Lady have snacks????

Finally, Lorna gets her's menu was sugar cubes, pretzels, and saltine crackers.

She gave us a gallon of milk this morning. The day before we could only squeeze (literally) 1/2 gallon out of her. Good Girl Bell!

That's about as fresh as it gets right there folks. Unless, of course you want it Rusty style. ; )

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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