Thursday, October 17, 2013

Operation: Remodel The Goose House - Part #1

Operation: Remodel The Goose House - Part #1

I've been wanting to "remodel" the Goose House for awhile now, but never had gotten it done. Last weekend some of the guys agreed to to lend me some muscle, and helped me with my operation: Remodel the Goose House.

This is the piece of ground I'd scanned out for the new goose yard and house. By putting it here, next to the already existing duck yard, I could use part of the fence that is already there for one side of the new goose yard.

The first order of business was to haul the Goose House over to the new spot. Using the handy dandy Bobcat made that job fairly easy. 

They chained the metal frame of the Goose House to the Bobcat..

and dragged away!

Just follow the moving house...

After the Goose House was placed in it's proper position, the guys started building the fence, using some chain-link I already had on hand. They made quick work of it and had it done in record time (okay, so I wasn't actually recording the time it took them to build it...but they built it very fast!)

My three workers after finishing operation: Remodel the Goose House...

Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you! <3

Sorry, I did not have more pictures of the building process, but I was too busy marking out T-Posts, wiring chain-link to the posts, fetching stuff for the guys, and being a model supervisor, all at once. ; )

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished project!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Wow! I'm sure it'll turn out great Aspen!
    I shot you a "hangout" message!

    P.S. Where is the promised video Aspen dear? *smiley face*

  2. You did? Awesome! Um, yep..I'm still trying to get that video edited. Mom is going to help me install Pinnacle on my computer. We also found a couple of pictures from the dance as well. : )

    Love you

    ~ Aspen