Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life On The Ranch

 Life On The Ranch

Over the past several days we've been gathering cattle. As a result our pens are stuffed full of momma cows, and calves.

Our poor milk cows don't know whats going on. First they were penned with a bunch of calves they've never seen before (I'm sure they got nursed by a lot of them), then separated off again with their own calves. Needless to say my milking schedule is messed up big time. We've had no fresh milk in about two days. Meanwhile, the horses are locked in the back lot. They don't quite know what to make off all these bawling calves, and mooing mothers. Speaking of which, have you ever tried to sleep while mother cows and calves are hollering back and forth to each other? I thought not. It's very difficult.

 Back in the house...Rusty is a house dog, or so he imagines. He thinks chasing calves, and getting in near death experiences with mother cows is loads of fun. Therefore, he got to spend the day inside, as well as the night, and the next day. Now, he thinks whenever the door is open he is supposed to run past us inside, because that is where he belongs. ;)

One of my new projects is trying to transfer the many piles of compost into the garden. So during the cold winter months it can be composting down in our raised beds, in readiness for next year's garden harvest.

You can see I have my work cut out for me.

Although, I didn't get too far in my venture as....

this thing refused to budge another inch.

Here is a closer look at my problem..a flat tire. So, until I can find a new wheel barrel, my project is on hold. 

Guess what I go? A new water hose! My old hose had some many leaks in it, every time I tried to water the animals I would get soaked from head to toe.

Not to mention my old hose would just barely reach the edge of the Goose Yard, so I had to keep all my water tubs lined up against the fence. But, no more! My new hose will stretch to the very back of the Goose Yard. Therefore, I got to move all my tubs to different corners of the yard. As you could see in the above picture, I had a huge mud puddle right by the gate. Every time I walked through the gate I got to slush around in icky mud. No fun. But no more.

You see these geese? They are well trained. In order to tuck them in at nighttime I simply have to stand about 10 ft from the door and motion to them with my hands to go right, left, etc and they got right in, just like clock work.

The ducks are well trained, too. When they see me coming to lock them up, they all start waddling single file to the door, waiting to be let in.
 Once, they are tucked in, I catch my cute little Daffy and Taffy.

 Aren't they cute? Of course they are! A big doghouse is reserved just for them to sleep in.

The Peafowl love me..err..I think they do. Maybe they just love my treats. Either way, they are always excited to see me and fly, jump, and so forth when they see me come out of the house.

I tell them Good Night, and tuck them in.

While I finish up my evening chores I get to enjoy a beautiful sunset, check out this lovely sky!

I just love this picture.

I'm pretty proud of this picture, too. 

Next on the list is to bring the bunbuns inside. I already had their cage cleaned out, but needed fresh bedding. So off to the round bales I went, bucket and pitch fork in hand. While I was forking hay into my bucket, the momma cows (who had been turned out into the wheat field next to the barn) came up to the fence to watch me. They were staring daggers at me. I told them I promise I didn't take their babies, and they should stop glaring at me like that. They just shook their horns and stared back more viciously, so I told them BYE!

The bunnies love to come inside. Because, guess what? They get lots of goodies when they are indoors. Such as carrots (their favorite), and apples (close 2nd).

Here they all are fighting over one carrot bit, yes that's right, one carrot bit.

Have you ever woken up a hamster from his slumber? It's scary! He will try to bite your finger off, or in this case he tried to tear a carrot in half (he thought it was my finger). 

You had better not touch Pip's carrot, you will regret it. I'm just sayin'.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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  1. Life on a ranch is wonderful. I wouldn't trade it for anything. You are truly blessed.