Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Sunday morning we awoke to find a blanket of snow on the ground. Here is a view from the backyard:

Dawn, Maggie, why aren't you two down with the other ducks?

"They are too far beneath us, and are not worthy of our presence."

Dawn: "Besides that mommy, my froze are tozen!"

Maggie: "And...to make matters worse I haven't had my cup of coffee this morning!"

Maggie: "Or my hot oatmeal."

Dawn: "I cannot believe you'd leave me out here to suffer this bitter cold with .. with those things in the poultry yard. Humph."

Maggie: "But, if you say you'll give me extra treats if I suffer myself to mingle with them..I will give in just this once and suffer their presence."

Maggie: "Move out of the way, peasants."

Dawn: "Yeah, move out of the way..you pheasants!"

The ducks don't seem to mind the fluffy layer of snow too much. They spent most of their day lounging nestled in the cold, fluffy snow.

And digging in it looking for goodies (although, I'm not sure what they think they're going to find under there?)

They must have felt pretty good, because they had several fights over who got to be the Snow Queen.

FooFoo (yes he is a boy duck, and yes that is a stupid name. Don't judge.) was the referee.

He followed close behind them quacking his little fluffy little crest off.

And if anybody came near the two fighters, he opened his mouth and hissed at them. In case you're wondering, the fight was a tie. Who gets to be the Snow Queen is still to be determined. 

Apparently, the little Call ducks thought they should all be Snow Princesses, but Mr. BO disagreed ... and they all attacked him.

They chased poor Mr. Bo in single file all around the poultry yard, biting and pulling his feathers. He was outnumbered, and finally gave up his objection, and they were crowned The Wee Little Princesses.

To celebrate this happy occasion, they went dabbling in the snow.

The ducks took lots of little waddle walks around the yard, exploring this strange new world.

Thing #1 was one of the only chickens brave enough to venture out into this new world. He wants to be like Columbus when he crows up.

Trouble, is on guard duty.

He makes sure that equal food rations are distributed among the different citizens.

And he also makes sure that all the ducks, chickens, and guineas are in line. And if they aren't, he is sure to alert me inside the house, if they step a foot out of his set boundaries.

June is complaining about the lack of hot tubs that are installed in their spa. She is very put out with me.

Winston guarding over his harem of hens, inside the safety of the Goose House.

Tulsa: "Mommy, you'd better schedule a date for the hair dresser. This damp weather is making my eye-liner run."

Rusty pouting after they kids put a horse halter on him like a harness and hooked him up to their sleds. He pulled them down the hill a couple of times, and then refused to budge. He came back to the house and sulked the rest of the day, refusing to look at anyone, and if he did it was only to show us his look of complete and utter resentment at his treatment.

We have come to the end of our tail...(sorry Rusty, no hard feelings now..it's just a statement)..so I shall bid you all a very fond farewell, until tomorrow. Unless something unexpected happens. Which it very well could.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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