Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Of Wheat-grass & Bachelor Pads

Of Wheat-grass & Bachelor Pads

While I was weeding the Strawberry bed, I noticed a big bunch of soft wheat-grass growing in amongst the Strawberry leaves. I suppose I spilled some wheat seeds while filling up my fodder trays.

It seemed to be thriving quiet well in it's environment. However, since I don't really want a bunch of grass growing up in the bed, and it was the rabbit's dinner time...

...they got a big bunch of tender grass to nibble on.

They were some happy bunnies!

Make that Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy!

A couple weeks ago I tried to give them a chunk of fresh fodder I grew, and they turned their noses up at it and refused to try it..

..even a mouthful. ;)

I might just start growing some wheat and oat grass for them, maybe in trays filled with dirt, I think they would like that better than the fodder.

"Mom..go away and stop watching us! And STOP clicking that dumb camera of yours! It's very annoying...we never get to have any peace and quiet! Honestly."

I found out something interesting after I stopped taking pictures. When they'd eaten quite a bit of the grass, they started running back and forth in their hutch, jumping inside their cardboard playhouse, jumping over each other, and just frolicking around in general. I noticed Alan (beside Alora on the left), chasing all three of the other bunnies around and around. Then he mounted Dutchess...I think I know what gender he is now. ;) Hopefully he hasn't done any "damage" yet, but I guess we'll find out in about a month. In the mean time he is going to stay in a bachelor pad. Sorry Alan.

Chip: Mom, for real, stop taking pictures already and go get us some carrots!

Did I hear someone say CARROTS!!??

Alora sat perfectly contented munching her grass pile the whole time I was feeding and snapping pictures. I think the wheat-grass was a hit.

What about you? Do you grow fresh veggies and assorted grasses for your rabbits? If so what? I'm always looking for ideas to add fresh food to their diet.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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