Monday, November 4, 2013

Mother Goose Goes On An Adventure!

 Mother Goose Goes On An Adventure!

Once, Mother Goose decided to fly out of her pen, and go on an adventure. She had been watching too much of "The Hobbit", and longed for an adventure.

 She found herself in the backyard, the Food Lady had just gone inside after soaking some feed. Mother Goose wandered onto the back porch and to her delight found a huge bucket of feed...just for her! Food Lady is so considerate!

She gobbled up as much as she could until she was stuffed full, then she noticed a green like house, being a curious goose, she went to check it out. She poked her head inside the house and saw trays and trays of fresh fodder. Her favorite! She then proceeded to gorge herself on the freshly grown sprout-lings.

Food Lady walked out the door just then, and shewed her away. She ran to the edge of the yard, but saw there was no hope of going back to the big bucket of feed, so she walked back to the Goose House.

Food Lady came hauling the big bucket of feed, and let Mother Goose back in the Goose Yard, and she ate even more delicious feed. She was a very happy Mother Goose. 

She has been watching The Lord of The Ring trilogy, and longs for another adventure, this time to Mt. Doom. I am trying my hardest to convince her against this. But she is very stubborn.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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