Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meet Dodge and Brego

Meet Dodge and Brego

Last Friday, Mom and Dad took Stockton and Carolina on a surprise trip. They didn't tell them where they were going, or what they were going to do. They just loaded them up early that morning, hooked up a trailer and hit the road. They kids thought they're going to pickup some cows or something, and then go do something fun afterwards.
When they pulled into the place where we'd gotten most of our horses, they began to suspect something.

Both the kids had lost their horses, Dixie and Gus, and really didn't have a kid-friendly horse to ride, until now. ;)

They came home with these two lovely geldings!

Meet Dodge, a gorgeous dappled grey gelding. 

And Brego, Carolina's lovely Bay gelding.

They both have a mild cold, so we're keeping them quarantined until they get past it, as we don't want the other horses to contract it. 

I desperately wanted Stockton to name his horse, Shadowfax (Gandalfs white horse in LOTR), so when anyone asked what his name was I could reply: "That is Shadowfax, Lord of all horses!"
But alas, he didn't.

Brego, is of course named after Aragorn's horse from LOTR. He looks just like him, just smaller.

Dodge is 7 years old, and Brego is 4 years old. 

Little Bit and Lorna are very very jealous that the new horses are getting a whole blog post to themselves, so here are some pictures of the other horsies.

Hi Mom!

Little Bit photo-bombed the cow's picture!

There that's better!

Oh! Hello there Blizzard!

That brings out horse herd back up to an even dozen!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen 



  1. Brego and Dodge or stunningly stunning;) I would've named him Shadowfax also...or Arod(Legolas's horse name in LOTR).

  2. Ohh!! I knew there was a name I had forgotten! Perhaps in the future! I wish he wasn't a gelding, he'd make some gorgeous babies! ;)

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen