Monday, October 20, 2014

The Little Keet Who Could

The Little Keet Who Could

Mom came and got me up one morning and informed me that there was a tiny Guinea keet running around the flat, and she needed help catching it. She figured the Guineas had been sitting on a secret nest somewhere.

I quickly got dressed...actually I was barefooted and half asleep... We go trudging outside, little expecting what was to come. We see the tiny keet running around the flat, following the adult Guineas around. We tried to chase them, and snatch up the keet, but that was a fail, instead Mom got viciously attacked by several Momma and Daddy Guineas, while I'm over here barefooted, picking stickers out of my feet! Mom was screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs (who'd blame her??), but she managed to say "GET ME A WEAPON!!!!!!!!!" I ran back to the house, put some boots on, and found a weapon (a.k.a, a pvc pipe) and returned to find that Mom had caught the one little keet, but then we discovered that there was about 5 more running around. Meanwhile, someone had left the barn gate open, and all the horses were inside the pens eating hay and causing all sorts of trouble, so we stopped what we were doing and shewed the horses out, so now we had horses running everywhere, big Guineas and little Guineas running around underfoot, and us over there trying not to get run over.
Finally, the horses ran off into the pasture, and left us to finish our "Mission Impossible". The adult Guineas were still trying to attack us, they didn't want anybody taking their babies away, but we finally managed to grab them all up. Unfortunately, one of the little keets got trampled during all the commotion. I picked up the limp and lifeless baby and started to take it out in the pasture to bury it, but then I noticed it was breathing, ever so slightly. I quickly ran back to the house with it in my hands, while rubbing it violently, trying to warm it up and get it's heart pumping again. Mom still needed some help outside, so I woke Carolina up and had her babysit the keet for me while I finished outside. When we came back in, we found the keet was still limp and just barely breathing, hanging on to life. She handed the keet over to me, and I began rubbing, and blowing warm air on it. After a bit, I handed it over to Mom, and she took a turn, about two hours later the little keet had revived some, but still wasn't in good shape.

Lots of prayers and rubbing later, the little keet was doing good enough to be put in a warm brooder by himself. By noon, he was doing good enough that we brought the rest of the keets inside and put with him.

He was a little slow on his feet at first, and I thought perhaps he would be crippled, as I believed his neck and leg(s)  had been stepped on, but nope! By a few days he had perked right up and was running around with his siblings!

These are pictures from today, Precious, my little peachick has adopted these two little ones. I rehomed all the other keets, but couldn't bare to rehome Miracle and his sibling.

It truly is a miracle that he is alive today!

 Blessings - 

~ Aspen 

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