Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thrift-Store Finds! The Beginnings of A Treasure Chest...

Thrift-Store Finds! The Beginnings of A Treasure Chest...

 Some friends had told us of a lady who'd turned a small garden shed into a thrift store, we decided to head into town and look her up (and search her little store from top to bottom). I found several (ok, actually a bunch) of treasures. Afterwards we decided to visit another thrift store in town. I came away with an empty billfold and several more treasures! Mom also got me several goodies for an early birthday present (since I'd spent all my cash..*ahem).

Ever since I brought them home , I've been dying to show off my treasures, that will one day be used in my home. Pretty mind-blowing thought, actually. But yes, we're talking about treasures weren't we? 

Let the gloating begin...*cough*

Now, I do not want any plastic items in my home, I want everything to be wood, metal, glass or stone-ware. So I had to dig a bit to find these goodies. But it was worth it. ;)

Spatula, long cooking fork, pie server, 1/4 cup flour scoop.

Metal ice-cream scoop, long silver serving fork, pizza cutter, bottle opener.

Two hand held cheese graters.

Aluminum donut cutter.

Aluminum funnel with a removable strainer.

Three aluminum measuring cups.

1 C.   1/3 C. Not sure what the little one is?

13 x 9 White enamel pan

Small crock/vase. This would be good for sourdough starter! Ohh..just the thought of it makes me ache for my own home so I can start using some of these beauties!!

*reminds self, patience is a virtue.*

Yellow/green rimmed pot with a lovely wooden handle.

Two medium sized yellow/green rimmed bowls.

Large yellow/green rimmed dish.

Large green oval dish pan. 

Large green enamel bowl.

I also found these two very unique lovelies, that will fit into my room's 'decor quite nicely!

How very fitting for fall, yes? Of course yes! A pretty metal leaf. Carolina found it lying on my desk and asked why I had a dried leaf in our room? ;)

I plan on incorporating it into my room decorum somehow or another. Wish I had about 1,000 of them so I could litter my room with them!!

Take a peep at this gorgeous tin box! Isn't it stunning? It reminds me of something Bilbo would have in his hobbit hole, or perhaps some trinket that a medieval lady would have in her bedroom. Either way I adore it and it fits right in with my oddly themed room.

 I'm going to start a new trend, instead of 'gals calling their hope chests, "Hope Chests", forget that and let's start calling them our "Treasure Chests"! For indeed, that is what they are!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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  1. Lovely treasures :) they are unique little items.