Saturday, September 6, 2014

#ALSIceBucketChallenge With A Coconut Oil Twist

#ALSIceBucketChallenge With A Coconut Oil Twist

So I'm sure you've all heard of the #ALSIcebucketchallenge that's been going around. Thousands of people are having a bucket of ice water dumped over their head in order to help raise awareness (and money) of the Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Now, being the natural foodie that I am, I'm a firm believer in all natural remedies...for all diseases/ailments. I immediately assumed that there was just such a natural cure for this disease. Come to find out I was correct. The people who suffer from this disease are starving their brains by not giving them enough healthy oils/fats. Try starving your brain sometime and see how well you can function. ;) Now, watch it, I may go on a doctor/medical rant. If people would research stuff for themselves and not take their doctor's word for everything, they would find that we already know the cures for all those deadly diseases out there. BUT, are the doctors going to tell you about them? NO WAY! That means that all that money that they receive from the radiation treatments, pills, etc would go down the drain. So they may indeed know how to prevent and cure these diseases, but they keep hushed up about it because if everyone was enlightened to the fact, it would be a drastic pay cut for them. So folks, do your research! 

It makes me sad that there are SO many wonderful people out there that think they're donating to a great cause, but in reality they are donating money to an organization that experiments and uses human babies as their guinea pigs, and are therefore supporting abortion, which is morally wrong. So wake up people! These people already know how to cure this disease, but they are still taking your money and pretending to be finding a cure, and are killing hundreds of babies in the process! It's wrong! Let's stop this madness and create a movement of awareness for the all natural cure for this disease!
 This is my own personal opinion, if you would like to join the movement, watch the below video, and take the challenge yourself by dumping coconut oil over your head and nominating at least three other people to do the same. Let's make this go viral!

A few intriguing articles on the topic: this link, this link,  this link, and this link.

If you read this post/watched the video, consider yourself nominated. 

Simply film yourself being dumped with coconut oil, giving a short explanation of what/why your doing it, and nominate other people. Then post it on your blog, Facebook, twitter, google+ account, etc with the tag #ALSIcebucketchallenge. 

If you do the challenge, let me know, I'd love to see other people get dunked in oil! ;)

FYI, the day after I did the video (and got doused in oil), I felt like Loki. I even slicked my hair back like him. *ahem*

And a shout out to my two brothers who helped me with this. 
 One filmed while the other doused me...I wish I would have taken a picture of Cim, who was standing on a bucket just outside of the camera screen, he had a HUGE grin on his face the entire time. Yes, I believe he had way too much fun pouring ice cold liquid on me. ;)

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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