Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Closet Refashion : The Writing Nook

Closet Refashion : The Writing Nook

I recently had a revelation, a remodeling revelation that is! I've been wanting to do something new and different with my room for awhile, I just never could come up with a theme or a style that I liked; until last week!

I invite you inside my mind for a bit, where I've been storing all my crazy remodeling ideas, enjoy!

 It all started with a ridiculously messy closet. I decided one morning that today was the day that I was going to tackle that closet...except I couldn't fit my arms around it, so I settled for the next best thing: cleaning it.

I spent the entire day (and part of the next), cleaning it, going through clothes that I had no idea I even owned, wiping the floor and walls free of filth, and so on and so forth. 
Many dirty rags, and a full trash can later...I had a clean closet!! Hoorah!!


Now then, now that you've seen my nice, clean closet, I will share with you the details of my mind's newest idea invention! Aren't you excited? Of course you are!! 

Now I must ramble a bit in order to get to the point so please bare with me as I try'n explain...I am a writer, and I simply adore writing, BUT I cannot work and concentrate on what I'm writing if there are distracting noises (or *ahem* people around) or other such things about. However, much to my dismay, I am constantly exposed to these noisy elements, so I have come up with a solution to my problem. I am going to turn my newly-emptied closet into a reading/writing/blogging nook!!!

Not only will this give me a place of refuge, in which I can work in peace, but it will also clear up my room and give me lots more space, thus making me happier and my room more clutter-free! A win/win if you ask me! And, even if you aren't asking me, I still insist it's a win/win!

Inside my closet are two shelves, both of which are out of my arm's reach...yes, I am a tiny hobbit of a person, get used to it! 

Sooo...I'm going to have my dear brothers build me a ladder so I can reach the high shelves. I would also like to have another shelf in there, for even more storage space for...BOOKS! Yep, those shelves are going to hold all our precious books. That will leave me the entire floor space free of book shelves, and other clutter.

Oh, and in case your wondering, the small stand-up shelves will be vacating the premises, along with the hideously ugly plastic shoe hanger. 

 Also in our hobbitishly tiny closet, is a small window. I would like to construct some wooden shutters for it, so I can block out the natural lighting if I want, or I can have it open.

 Now on to the more whimsically awesome part of this whole project!

When you walk into our room, you will not even know we're in possession of a closet/writing nook. No siree! Wanna' know why?

Because this gorgeous piece of (wood) work is going to be blocking it's view. 
You may be asking yourself why on Middle Earth, I'm remodeling my closet, just so I can block it off. Hold your horses there! And don't be prejudice! Honesty.

 Remember C.S. Lewis' Narnia? Remember the wardrobe in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe ? Yes well, what happens in that story, and why is the wardrobe important? Well, if you remember your (fictional) history correctly, it's the entryway to Narnia, or in my case, to my secret, secluded writing nook! 
Do you get the picture now? 

Yep, you must walk through the wardrobe in order to gain access to the secret writing nook! Of course, it isn't really secret anymore since I've shared it virally, BUT that's beside the point.

Oh, and the wardrobe will be undergoing a paint treatment, of chocolate/dark brown. I'm afraid I'm not overly fond of white, or pale (sea-sick) green. Ick.

Now, you may've been thinking that I was only remodeling my closet, but alas, you are gravely mistaken. I fooled you with the title, didn't I? Yep...I've also taken it upon myself to give the rest of my room a redo! Would you like to take a peak into that?! OF course you would!

Now, just a little back-story into my interests (some would say bordering lining obsessions...but whatever), I love Middle Earth and all things associated with it. Go on, ask anyone who knows me personally, they will confirm this. I also adore the middle ages (FIY it's not at all connected to Middle Earth...) a.k.a the medieval era, and I have a passion for all things forestry. SO, in view of the fact, my room will be resembling some of my favorite things.

Now, first off is the door. You are looking at it from the inside of the room.
 Each side will be painted differently, the outside will closely resemble Bilbo's door, complete with Gandalf's mark and everything. The other side will be painted to match the inside of my room. It will look like a grey, uncut piece of stone, with a tiny hidden key hole within it...*ahem*  a.k.a the key hole to the lonely mountain (Erebor).

Our walls look like individual cut stones, so considering the fact that I adore castles, we're going to make it look like the inside of a castle. So everything gets a coat (or several) of grey paint.
We have two different windows in our room, both of which are covered in a thin, white sheer curtainy material...thing...whatever...we are tossing those out and replacing them with some heavier drapes. Two of my favorite colors are blue and red, and coincidentally happen to go together beautifully! I will layer them, the red being a softer, light silky fabric will be underneath, and the blue will be draped over it, making for a beautiful medievalish window hanging, that flaunts two of my favorite colors!

Now, since all of our books will be residing inside the (secret) library, located in Narnia, we will no longer have need of this bookshelf:

or this one:

And I will no longer be needing my desk either, which doubles as a bookshelf and a laptop holder.

All that will be remaining really, is our hair brushing station, our two beds, a small dresser, and the wardrobe. That will leave me with a free wall, that I can later turn into a sewing corner for the dear little 'sis.

I got to thinking, all I really do in our room is read, write, blog, craft, and sleep. Three of those things can be accomplished inside Narnia, we already have beds so we're good there, but one thing that I do not have, that would be very helpful, is a place to craft. Well, remember that free wall that we're going to have? I plan on finding a sturdy wooden table that will add to my medieval theme, provide me with a place to store my crafting materials and a space to unleash my craftiness...I mean that in the best possible way! Hehehe

Stay tuned, I feel another post coming up soon, on the other ideas I have floating around in my head, concerning our room refashion. Oh wait, what? You thought we were done with this whole room refashioning thing? Wrong.

Blessings - 

~ The Soon To Be Narnia Dweller

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