Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beyond The Mask

Beyond The Mask

Friends, I muchly regret that I haven't posted about this delightfully splendid movie before this time, but I am now. ;) So pay attention, this is important!

Obviously, after seeing ^the above picture, you are excitedly jumping in your seat with uncontrollable anticipation for my review of this movie. Yes, I know..calm yourself and we'll get on with it, savvy?

We saw this film in theaters in April I believe; and where do I even begin to describe the utter fabulousness, adventure, (clean) magical romance and amazing plot of this Christian based film, produced by The Burns Family.

While I doubt I'll come even close to describing how much I loved this movie (can it come out on DVD already!! Oooh and the soundtrack too!), I shall attempt to convey some of my love for this film on this post. Get ready for a wild ride, where you will be swept into a revolutionary adventure full of surprising twists and enough suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

Let us begin:

"The leading mercenary for the British East India Company, Will Reynolds has just been double-crossed and now is on the run in the American Colonies. Working to redeem his name and win back the affections of the woman with whom he's never been fully truthful, Will now hides behind a new mask in hopes of thwarting his former employer. As his past life closes in on him, Will must somehow gain the trust and the help of his beloved Charlotte - as well as Ben Franklin - while he races against time to defuse a plot of historical proportions. As Will Reynolds discovers, if we let true freedom ring, history can be redeemed!"

 A short description of the movie, as found on the Beyond The Mask website.

 There have been lots of Christian-based films in the past, but let's face the facts, most (not all), but most were pretty lame. Yes, they were trying to convey a good message, but they just came across as rather cheesy. And as this reviewer put it, the main issue holding back small production Christian films from being big hits, are the lack of funds that most poses. 
This movie is the exception.
 It looks like something Hollywood could have produced, minus all the junk. Who says you can't make a film with action, adventure, a good message, and romance even, without all the obscenities? Well you can in fact, BTM has proved that!

Now let's take a minute and talk about the lovely actors and actresses;

Andrew Cheney 
I'd seen this actor in one other movie, Seasons of Gray, and loved his portrayal of the character. And he absolutely blew me away with his performance in Beyond The Mask. 

John Rhys Davies 
I know him best for his portrayal of Gimli in Lord of The Rings, and as always, he did not disappoint. Love this actor!!

Kara Killmer
I'd never seen this actress before, and to be honest I was concerned that I would not like her character, but she proved me wrong. I absolutely adored her as Charlotte! She had a mind of her own, and was willing to jump in (literally sometimes) and help where she could, but she maintained her femininity whilst doing it, and did not come across at all as the 'warrior chic' that we are so used to seeing, who can hold their own against all odds and never think twice about asking a man for help. She was not like that at all, thank goodness. ;)

A theme I always love in movies is the clear character transformation that takes place. A fine example of this would be Will. He starts out as a mercenary, blindly following orders, 

to covering as a clergyman,

 to falling (literally) in love with beautiful Charlotte, 

to The Highway Man,

and finally to the point of realization that nothing he can do can cover the sins of his past life, only through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ can he be made free!

And Amen.

I loved the humor that was sprinkled throughout the film, there were so many times where I caught myself giggling with delight over a well-placed line. And the romance...don't even get me started! I'm not even going to try and express my love for it. Let's just say, by the end of the film I was completely jealous of Charlotte and her dashing rogue! ;) 

This is another reoccurring theme in the movie that I loved;

The locations, scenery, and historic backdrops they used were breathtaking! I just wanted to crawl through the screen and live there. The costumes and setting were perfect, and the attention the filmmakers paid to every little, tiny detail made the movie that much more beautiful. So bravo on a job well done! I look forward to many more movies issuing from your fabulous film network! And if you ever need an extra...*raises hand enthusiastically* I'm willing to fly up and volunteer.

This swashbuckling adventure is sure to please all ages, of audiences everywhere!

You can find a list of cities showing, Beyond The Mask, here. Hurry! The cutoff line to see it is this weekend!

And just to get you even more exciterated, here is the official movie trailer for Beyond The Mask:

 Let's show Hollywood that we can make movies full of adventure, romance and general epicness that audiences love, without all the junk  they seem to think necessary to put in every. single. movie they produce! Let's join in the revolution of Christan filmmakers and

Buy your tickets NOW and go watch this epic movie!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

And one last picture, because it's just adorable:


  1. AJKSHDFKLSJER;LJSEFLKAJDFLKSJDFLKSDJFLJ I LOOOOOOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!! :D I saw it in April as well, and as I just proved by that keyboard mashing, I can't even express in words how much I loved it. ^_^ EVERYTHING YOU SAID. YES. I agree with EVERY word of this post! Awesome! :D Thanks for it, and for all the lovely pictures. ;) The fact that you saw it and loved it too makes me soooo incredibly excited and happy! It was just so so so awesome, and I loved the action and the romance and the message and costumes and sets and the hero was great and yes I liked Charlotte and JOHN RHYS DAVIES YES. Gaaaaah. It was just perfect, wasn't it? Not to mention the fact that Revolutionary-War type settings (1700s with muskets and tricornered hats oh my!) is like my favorite historical time period to read/watch, AND there was a masked-man plot which I positively adored. EEEP. I loved it. <3<3<3

    Awesome post! ^_^

    1. I love your enthusiasm, dearest! ;) Agreed; perfect!! Yep, that along with the 1800's and middle ages..and I'm hooked. <3 What is it with attractive masked men? *makes mental note, GUYS! Start wearing masks!!* haha Love ya

      Blessings -

      ~ Aspen

  2. I've been hearing an awful lot about this movie :)
    I wish it were playing nearby; I'll probably have to wait for the dvd.
    Great post! Got me even more excited for it!

    1. You can subscribe to the BTM website for updates, or like their FB page to stay updated with the goings-on. Aww, thanks hun'!

      Blessings -

      ~ Aspen