Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold Weather Difficulties

Cold Weather Difficulties 

 With cold weather comes extra chores that don't normally need to be done. Such as breaking ice, hauling warm water to the animals, gathering eggs multiple times a day to keep them from freezing and cracking open, shoveling snow, chopping and hauling wood to feed the three fires we have going, I could go on, but you get the idea. Snow maybe pretty, but the prettiness only lasts so long before you wish I'd melt, then you're left with a bunch of mud, then the only happy campers are the ducks, who play in the mud. Then for a few days we have some warmer weather and then we start the cycle all over again. 
And the we all have faces like this:

Last night it started snowing again, it was so cold that I barely got a wink of sleep. This morning we had a new dusting of snow, and it was still ridiculously cold. I think I may be becoming a dragon. Every time I go outside, I can see my breath come out in big clouds before me. Scary. 

All this cold weather has apparently triggered my Muscovy girls to go broody, the geese to start laying, one of my Sussexs to go broody (on 14 eggs), oh yes and um now I have egg cartons full of chicken, duck, and goose eggs on my dresser that I am highly tempted to incubate. Someone please come over and stop me from doing anything irrational! I think all the "mother henning madness" is taking affect on me! Help!

Blessings - 

~ Mother Hen

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