Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Latest Achievements

 My Latest Achievements 

 Breeding season is almost upon me, and I am wholly unprepared. My geese have already begun to lay and I have not separated them into breeding groups. Shame on me.

However, I've spent the last two days building fences, gates, and so forth and I'm happy to say I have four more pen than I did two days ago. Joy!

Last year, I had my goose pens on the other side of the house. But when fall came we decided to move the whole operation over to the opposite side of the house. I had only taken down a few of my breeding pens over there, and still had several that were never taken down, so I got to work and tore them down and built several new pens. 

Remember the Compost Pen? I attached a new pen right beside it, up against the green house. 

Last fall, I attached another big run to the already existing duck run. I split that pen in half, to use for goose pens. Both pens are very spacious.

Pen #1

Pen #2

At the end of last year I bought another 10 ft x 10 ft x 6 ft chain-link dog kennel, like the one the peafowl have.

Originally the idea was to attach the new run to the old peafowl run and extend their run space, but since then I decided they can make do with their smaller quarters until the geese stop laying. So for now I will use it for another goose pen.
 I took matters into my own hands yesterday and propped up all the pen sides and enlisted Laredo's help, and we got'er set up. I held onto the kennel while he attached them together. 

Prince: "Mommy, how come those goose down comforters get to steal our pen?"

Prince: "It's just not fair that......."

Tulsa: "HI MommY! You got snacks??" 

Come evening, I was pretty tuckered out. I tried to tuck everyone into bed early, but the geese wouldn't have it. All they wanted to do was play "King of The Mountain". *sigh*

Now, all that is left to do before I can fully separate all my geese, is to build some nighttime pens.

I'm going to use this deer blind as a model. It's the perfect size for a trio or quad of geese, and it can be split into two sections if need be. Now to get some volunteers to help me with my endeavor....Well don't everyone volunteer at once! ; )

Oh, and just a hint...if you come up to our house:

You've been warned!!

Oh, and do not get out of your vehicle!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Fun!!! I am looking forward to breeding I guess I better get prepped too! lol
    Good to read your blog and see what you are up to. :D
    Rebecca H

  2. Hi Rebecca! I was thinking about you today. How are you geese doing? How many did you end up getting?

    ~ Aspen