Monday, February 24, 2014

Chunk The Recipe Book!

 Chunk The Recipe Book!

a.k.a  troubles-of-a-non-recipe-book-looker-at-er

Something I seem to have trouble with like....a-lot! I simply and inexplicably cannot seem to do it. After saying all that, you should be understanding and not judge, when I tell you that I had this fantastically, yummy, delicious, and otherwise scrumptious recipe to share with you all, and I would have, except I didn't follow the recipe and it was a flop...somewhat. After some modification, I turned the "flop" into something edible, but more on that in a bit. Right now I'm going to tell you how not to follow a recipe.

This recipe was based off of this one here.

First, cook your rice (I used brown) and drizzle in some olive oil.

Meanwhile grab a head or two of garlic, cut off the top, wrap in foil and stick in the oven at 350F until cooked.

Cook your rice until it's nice and fluffy.

Oh, and before you go any further you *might* want to grab yourself a cup of kefir water to hydrate. All better? Better. Good! Lets continue...

Your rice is cooked, your garlic peeled and mashed and you've added in your salt, pepper, and shredded cheese.

Pour in your milk, add your eggs.

Place mixture in a buttered pan and...

bake until golden brown.

Doesn't that look (and taste) delicious?! You would think so wouldn't ya! But looks can be deceiving (come on! you all know that!). Such is the case with the above specimen. Instead of tasting amazing it tasted like eggy rice, what ever that may be. So, after hanging my head in shame and mourning (not really, I don't get emotional in the kitchen...unless there is an onion involved...then I cry) I wrapped the pans up and stuck them in the freezer to do something with later. I was heartily sick of rice, eggs, and cheese at the moment. Well let's fast-forward to the next day shall we? day....I pulled one of them out of the freezer, defrosted it, cooked some ground meat, threw in some more cheese, crumbled up the eggy rice, mixed it all together and voila we had ourselves a tasty dinner! Forget the details about how I messed up the original recipe, forget how I didn't follow the recipe, lets just forget it all, shall we? Nobody likes details anyway.


Oh and by the by, I'm pretty certain if I was to be a Disney character, I would be.........

 Yep, Fauna is who I would be. I mean seriously, we both fly about using our magic wands on anything, everything, and anybody. We wear aprons, silly looking bonnets...

and uhhh...we both cook using the exact same method.

Forget recipe books people, chunk them! Take it from Aspen and Fauna, recipe books are old fashioned. You're better off without them.

 Blessings from:

*Aspen* & *Fauna*

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