Sunday, February 2, 2014

Peeps! Drop The Stick!

Peeps! Drop The Stick!

I've started making a wet mash for the birds again. I've fermented, mashed, and smashed their feed in the past, but got lazy and quit doing it for awhile. During the coldest days in winter, it's important for the birds to stay nice and full of food in order to help them stay warmer. So I started making them a warm mash of layer pellets, whole corn (generally I dislike feeding corn, but during the coldest days a little bit doesn't hurt, and it helps them stay warmer), and for a little extra boost I add in some organic Brewer's Yeast, and  organic ground Cayenne pepper.

Well, Peeps is a very smart chicken and she figured out where I kept my feed soaking bucket.  

She's headed for the bucket...

She sees there is food inside...

She just knows if she can get that stick off the top she can get to the feed.

She attempted to grab it with her beak and pull it off.

After about thirty-seconds of trying, she succeeded in pulling the stick off the bucket. 

Then she came over to tell me about her achievements. 

That and because you already know she loves the camera. 

Peeps: "Momma am I famous??"

Peeps: "Momma, are people going to want my autograph?"

Peeps: "Does Mommy have treats??"

 Peeps: "OH look! Treats!"

Me: "OUUCH! Peeps, those are Mommy's fingers!"

Peeps: "Fine. I'm going to go stare at my stick."

Peeps: "Oh stick! Where are you??!"

Stella: "I don't know her!!"

Peeps says to send all her fan mail to:

1341 Chick Lane
Fluffy Puffy Farm, TX

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Did you know that Brewers Yeast is REALLY good on popcorn? It's my FAVORITE and its healthy!!! But I am the only person in my family who likes it, you won't like it on the first bite.


  2. Oh yeah! Somebody else that likes Brewers Yeast on Popcorn! A friend of ours up in TN put it on her popcorn, and we just LOVED it! We eat popcorn a lot, so we buy it in bulk from our organic food co-op out of Oregon. We also like to use Coconut Oil to pop the popcorn, then we drizzle some organic butter on top. Yum yummy!