Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome To The Reptilian Department

Welcome To The Reptilian Department

Besides being a normal barnyard keeper, I also tend to a whole department of reptiles. Bet you didn't see that one comin' huh? Well, like it or not, it 'tis true. Would you like to meet them? Great! Let's go...

First off are the fish. They love me, yep there is just no denying it, they absolutely love me. Actually, to be completely honest, I haven't quite figured out if they love me or the food. Your guess is as good as mine.

As you can see, I am a fantastic fish-photographer. 

Next off is Houdini. Now if that name doesn't give you a hint of his real character, then I don't know what will! This little guy (I'm assuming it's a guy...) is an escape artist! Oh, and he bites. Watch those little fingers of yours. ; ) And don't make him mad and try not to pick him up, he hisses as well. Ahuh.

Phoebe and "Lil Boomer

Phoebe is the leopard gecko, and "Lil Boomer is the other lizard.

The "Lil Boomer is blind in one eye, and half the time you throw a mealworm in front of him, he can't see it.

 Sparky & Mokey

 They are the tiny tortoises.

Mokey is on the left, Sparky on the right. 


After each feeding you must prop them up against the water so they can drink.

Sometimes they miss the worm and grab the tweezers instead. To say they do not have good eye sight is an under statement. They have terrible eye sight!

Most of the time they are very obliging, and will open their mouths wide open so I can drop the worm inside. 

 They are completely helpless, and without my help they would never survive. That is the truth. You must hand feed them (I actually use tweezers) meal worms, put them next to the water so they can drink, wipe sand out of their eyes...I could go on. But, thankfully they are pretty cute for turtles, so I continue to baby them.


and Bruzer, the adult Mountain Boomers.

Watch yourself, sometimes they can be rude and will stick their tongues out at you.

Bruzer! Stick your tongue back in there where it belongs!  


And that concludes our tour. Thanks for visiting!

Blessings - 

~ Reptilian Keeper  


  1. hi Aspen (or kili) i miss you very much!!!!!! i love reading all your blog posts it makes me feel closer to home. Marian Edith is so cute! I'll see you soon!

    hugs and kisses
    ~ Carolina A.K.A Lil` kili :^) P.S. tell Coconut i miss her to!!!

  2. yep she learned all that from me yep its true oh and all the above of the creatures are almost all mine only mokey and aqua aren't mine but they are my sister, Carolina's, pets. I'm in Tennessee and I've got a new addition to the REPTILIAN DEPARTMENT his name is rago don't get mixed up with rango he's a fence lizard. TRUE reptile keeper STOCKTON A. K. A. the little guy.

  3. Carolina ('Llil Kili) - I love and miss you too! I can barely remember what you look like! (Is that terrible or what???). I'll tell her. Coconut follows me around the house and we have tug-a-war fights in the bathroom. *ahem*

    Stockton - All your lizards and such are fine. A fence lizard huh? Neat! I can't wait to meet him/her.

    See y'all in a couple of days. Love and kisses - and give Marian an extra big kiss from her Auntie Aspen. ; )

    ~ Aspen

  4. Ahha!!!!!!! how could you!! ( i can't remember what you look like either :^) ) ya, i know what kind of tug-a-war your talking about *cough*one time she made off with my pants!!!!!!!!
    ~ Lil` kili :^)