Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Went Chicken Fishin'

I Went Chicken Fishin'

You ever gone chicken fishin'? Yeah, me either. That is, until yesterday afternoon.

Stockton had gone out to bait the rat traps in the shop, here in a minute he came running back in and breathlessly told me that Winston was outside and couldn't breath. I through on my coat, boots, and rushed outside to find Winston with his mouth gaping open, sitting hunched on the ground. When I approached him he started doing flips and acting crazy. I gentle grabbed him, and found he had a fishing line caught around his legs, and entangled around his body. After much scrambling about, we used some wire cutters to cut it off (because apparently scissors are too hard to find..). After we cut it off, we noticed that a string was coming out of his mouth! WHAT?! We gently tugged on it, but found it was stuck down inside his throat. Wonderful. We had no idea how long he'd been attached to the string so we brought him inside to warm up and get a drink. We gave him a few drops of water down his throat, and it seemed to loosen up the string, and we're able to get a few more inches of it out, before it go stuck again. We were stumped on what to do! We could only assume that he had found the two fishing poles that were lying by the shop, and had swallowed the bait that was attached to the hook. However, there was a possibility that he could have just swallowed the line, but we had no way of knowing. We tried shining a flash light down his throat but weren't able to see diddly squat. None of the guys were home, so Mom told me to take him outside and put him in a cage and wait for the guys to get back, maybe they'd know what to do. While attempting to put boots on, zip up my coat, and hang onto a 15 lb rooster, he *somehow* manged to get away from me. I spent the next 10 minutes chasing him around the house. It was quite a sight to behold, I'm sure. People chasing a rooster around the house, jumping on the tables, knocking stuff over, rooster flying at the windows and almost knocking himself out in the process, rooster getting tangled up in electrical wires, so forth. Thankfully I was able to nab him, finally, and was about to carry him outside when I noticed that the string was gone! During the whole chase he must have swallowed it all the way. He seemed to be acting fine and we had no clue what to do, so I turned him loose, outside this time. 
Today he seems to be no worse for ware. He is running around the ranch with his harem of hens close on his heels. 

I'm tellin' ya, when you live with animals, there is no telling what wild and inconceivable things might occur. 

Blessings - 

~ Chicken Fisher


  1. That is so sad! Poor guy! No, we've never had one of our animals swallow a fishhook before, but once my younger brother was pretending to fly-fish with the hook (safely he thought,) stuck in the handle. Well, it came off right as my little sister walked in front of him. It hooked her on top of her head! It took Dad a long time to get it out with needle-nosed pliers, poor girl! She was really brave.


  2. Oh, my! That must have been so scary!! Glad she was OK.

    ~ Aspen