Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In Expectation of Spring - Part 2

In Expectation of Spring - Part 2

In continuation of Monday's post. 

Exciting news! We have sprouts! 

Aren't they cute?? (Can plants even be cute? Oh well)

They shoot up more and more every single day. It seems like every time I check on them they've grown several more inches in height! 

Some of the sproutlings are a bit behind in the growing department, but they are slowly catching up to the taller sprouts.

Now that they're growing so quickly, methinks I shall have to transplant then to a raised bed in the green house!

Again, this is one of those fabulous ideas I copied off of somebody else. Most of my inspiration for this project came from here.

What you will need is some colored paper, scissors, heavy duty thread, glue, and a good writing pen.

Start off by cutting strips of paper however long you want, fold them over, and cut a triangle shape out of the end to make a "flag".

Find yourself some stout string, fold the flags over the string and glue down.

I bet you'll never guess what day I did this fun project on? Yep. Valentines.

I wrote "Spring" on my banner, doing one letter per flag, but you can write anything you wish. 

Next find a "pole" to attach your banner to. My "pole" just so happened to be chop-sticks. ; ) At least, that's what I think they are.

Wrap your string around the poles and tie a knot. 

The last step is to stick your poles into the ground.

I think it turned out rather cute, don't you? 

It makes for a cute decoration for your kitchen, or anywhere else you'd like to place it.

This is a fun, simply project, and you probably already have all the supplies on hand...

So why don't ya get your scissors, paper and glue out and create a banner for yourself? You know you want to!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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